Liverpool defender admits he 'may make choice to leave' in summer as 'Virgil and Konate' addressed

Sepp van den Berg, Liverpool, November 2019

Sepp van den Berg after gallery for Liverpool

Sepp van den Berg possesses confessed that he “can have to supply the selection to disclaim” Liverpool in the summer season if he notices a “bunch of playing time is not readily accessible.”

Since enrolling through the Reds in 2019, now 22-year-ratty Van den Berg possesses messed around just four galleries for the nightclub. He possesses mostly uncovered his minutes away from Anfield, during spells through Preston, Schalke and also currently Mainz.

The Dutch defender possesses messed around just over 100 senior galleries in his job, through the highest imaginable number of those unborn throughout over 2 seasons at Preston.

But he’s now in his second season of optimal-escape football in Germany, and also shows up to be proceeding nicely through Mainz. Van den Berg possesses missed out on just one gallery for the Bundesliga side, and also possesses messed around a complete 90 minutes in the majority of of his galleries.

The last gallery saw him score the champ versus Augsburg, and also he correspondingly scored in a 1-1 draw through Borussia Dortmund freshly.

Through Joel Matip’s future up in the air, and also Van den Berg impressing in Germany, it shows up there’s a chance he is given a detect in the Liverpool squad at the expire of his money spell.

The defender possesses touched on the fact that he can appearance for a brand-newfangled nightclub if that doesn’t happen.

“If I go earlier to Liverpool, they can twinge me to proceed to be. If I notification that most playing time is not readily accessible, after that I can have to supply the selection to disclaim,” he told Voetbal Nieuws.

“For me, it is actually pertinent that I play. In the years before, I did not have the sensation that I would most clearly be in the initiating jabber up-up next off to Virgil [van Dijk]. I donned’t realise yet what [my prospects] will most clearly be prefer next off summer season.”

Indeed, van den Berg is cognizant that destroying correct into a defence encompassing Van Dijk and also Ibrahima Konate will most clearly be arduous, however he’d comparatively be ok through minutes from the church bench to disclose the nightclub twinge him to have a job.

“I think I am doing nicely. I can monitor the extent at Liverpool. I can total. But ending up up being a starter is, of training course, still a unalike thing,” he encompassed.

“Virgil and also Konate are not petite boys. I realise it will most clearly be taxing.”

If a Liverpool job is not to be, the defender cases a slide earlier to the Netherlands is off the table, however a Bundesliga go earlier can enthusiasm him.

“I prefer abroad closer. The extent is greater. Totally nothing to the hinderance of the Eredivisie. PSV are doing instead nicely at the minute, however the perfunctory extent in Germany is greater,” he claimed.

“I prefer to play for Mainz versus Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen and also RB Leipzig. Even Koln is a substantial nightclub through a nice gridiron and also the majority of supporters.”

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Liverpool Ibrahima Konate

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