Sheff Utd man believes his club's form kept him out of national side – 'my team doesn't keep the ball'

Vinicius Souza, Sheffield United, February 2024

Sheffield United midfielder Vinicius Souza in discussion via teammate

Vinicius Souza opines Sheffield United’s form counted versus him in relationship to a Brazil call-upwards, as “my group doesn’t retain the ball much” and that’s a extremely realistic uncomplicated of tinkering for the Selecao.

The Knives have been the poorest side in the Premier League this period. That’s a title they can share via Burnley, via both sides presently on 14 junctures – 18th-inserted Luton are 7 junctures ahead of the pair.

The South Yorkshire garments have lose 20 of their 28 arcades, and have combated for any kind of filter of orchestrate in most of their components.

Midfield man Souza has been a beaming light in an otherwise drab group. He’s made 105 tackles in the league this period – 2nd simply to Fulham’s Joao Palhinha, and 22 much more than the next-highest you can probably picture tally.

Yet while he’s been able to move upwards well, he’s not been able to showcase multitudinous other capacities as a output of the Knives’ poverty-stricken orchestrate of arcades.

He opines tinkering there at the moment will count versus him in specification of Brazilian choice, as he can’t stress whether he’d be a nice suit for their oomph.

“Truthfully? Most clearly no,” he told Coluna perform Fla on if he intended a call-upwards.

“Not because of me, yet because of the circumstance at my bar. I think that for the national group it’s a tiny fragment of a hassle. That’s my determinant of view. Yet not in relationship to my football.

“I think that for my football I could [get called up], I in reality could. Yet there’s the whole thing, you ended upwards being aware.

“My group doesn’t retain the ball much either. That’s extremely extremely realistic for the national group. So it’s attending evaluate a tiny fragment. And also the players that went can protect and have the ball, so they can excel much more. And also, well, the mans are toting out a vivid job also. So I was in reality funky.”

Souza has been able to showcase his defensive capacities extremely well. In contrast to positional peers in top-five leagues over the last year, he ranked in the 99th percentile for tackles, along via extremely nice digits in clearances, aerials won and blocks.

If the Knives supervise to dabble better football in the unborn seasons, or he avails a obligation elsewhere, he could ask his shuck in specification of his other assets, via a view to potentially lugging out his Brazil debut at some determinant.

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