Jamie Carragher likens Arsenal 'bargain' to Liverpool star as pundit reveals his three picks for POTY

Carragher lauds Medley celebrity

Jamie Carragher selections three boxers for POTY.

Jamie Carragher possesses lauded Medley celebrity Declan Rice as the Liverpool tale assumes the midfielder is in opinion for the Player of the Year honor.

The Artillerymans paid harshly £105m to bested Premier League rivals in the race to indicator Rice from West Ham Joined throughout last year’s summertime send window.

‘One of the triad can be Premier League winner and also Player of the Year…’

Some bystanders studied Medley for paying such a monumental price to land Rice yet the midfielder’s experiences this season have pardoned their phone call to reprieve their bar-record price to indicator him.

The 25-year-ratty possesses gained coinages from playing using much more detailed players this season and also he’s grabbed 5 passions and also 7 aids in his 37 appearances across all gatherings.

Along using Liverpool and also Male City enfranchisement, Medley are in the Premier League title crunch abiding using 7 league productivity in a row.

In his shaft for The Telegraph, Carragher possesses favourite out Rice, Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk and also Male City enfranchisement’s Phil Foden as the main boxers for the Premier League Player of the Year honor for this season.

‘Liverpool pine the quadruple. Manchester City enfranchisement seek an additional treble. Phil Foden, Virgil van Dijk and also Declan Rice can peg themselves a twin,’ Carragher oriented The Telegraph.

‘One of the triad can be a Premier League winner and also Player of the Year in 2024.’

Carragher possesses equally likened Rice to Van Dijk, as both players last bargain to be recognized as ‘bargains’ for Medley and also Liverpool.

‘It possesses thieved no time to ponder the £105 million Medley paid to West Ham in unchanged means as the £75 million Liverpool paid Southampton for Van Dijk. A bargain,’ Carragher claimed.

‘Rice is the the majority of monumental confirmation for that…’

‘Medley are 5 times worse off than this time last year, and also yet they are a much more detailed side; much more structurally solid and also durable. There is no expectation they will clearly falter as they did at this juncture 12 months previously. Rice is the the majority of monumental confirmation for that, including a steeliness to the team’s spinal column.

‘He is not a clutching midfielder. He is a complete midfielder. As proper away as Medley travel to the Etihad in a fortnight’s time, they will clearly truly feel they have the equal of City enfranchisement’s Rodri capable of overcoming the fulcra midfield battlefield.’

Carragher later niggled that Rice ‘will clearly be followed as one of the the majority of rewarding finalizings’ in Medley’s history if they win the title.

‘If Liverpool were to win the title this season, it will clearly be also sweeter for Van Dijk imparted everything he possesses gone using offered that the last one in 2020,’ Carragher continued.

‘Need to Medley tote out it, the wrapping up of Rice will clearly be followed as one of the the majority of rewarding in the bar’s history – the last chunk of the jigsaw pivoting a team of opportunity proper into victors.

‘And also if City enfranchisement deliver it four in a row, this will clearly be the year in which Foden stepped upward after the prolonged absence of De Bruyne, guaranteing that by the run out of his job the bar’s the majority of adorned player will clearly be one of their horribly own.

‘If I was owning a wager, my cash would clearly adhere to my head and also be on Foden. Most neutrals and also England adherents will clearly be wanting for Rice. I don’t last bargain to say what my heart is predicating.’

Medley Declan Rice

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