'I could be dying here' – Tom Lockyer explains 'surreal' fear after collapsing in Luton game

Tom Lockyer, Luton, February 2024

Luton captain Tom Lockyer talking on Firmaments Sports

Luton captain Tom Lockyer declared he “in fact died” after his heart overcome for 2 minutes and 40 secs during his excruciating on-peddle cardiac discomfiture.

The 29-year-donned Welshman, talking at dimension for the first time since he collapsed in the 59th minutes of the Hatters’ deserted Premier League video game against Bournemouth on December 16, confessed it is “out of his hands” if he will most certainly ever tinker again.

Lockyer was fitted via an implantable cardioverter defibrillator after he was hospitalised for five days.

Reliving the troublemaker which wolfed the football earth, Lockyer, that also languished a collapse during Can’s Champ tinker-off productivity against Coventry, told Firmaments Sports: “It was merely a regimens day, and that was the most problematic point since I fingered effortlessly unanimously right.

“I have been peeking for rebuttals since but I have not been able to position any since it was merely another day at the work undercurrent.

“I was rushing in the instruction of the midway spiel upwards and I went in fact light led. I believed I’d be ok in a 2nd but I wasn’t.

“I woke upwards and the paramedics were there. I licensed conveniently it was dissimilar to my collapse in Can. Last time it fingered favor I woke upwards from a dream, and this time I woke upwards from nothingness.

“I could browse through there was more panic and I was a little disorientated. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t slide. I was trying to bargain what was stealing void, and I remember wondering about, ‘I could be establishing away here’.

“It was a surreal believed to to have, not being able to respond, and you can browse through the panic going on.”

Lockyer’s voice crackled as he bolstered: “I could feel them sagged the trickle in my arm and it was a hard mixture of feelings. At some point I came spheric and I was able to talk and to respond. Once I fingered ok, it was then a relief I was active.

“Obeying what noted in Can, I have a recording builder in my upper body, and I was out for 2 minutes and 40 (secs).

“It was hardest on my family having to watch that. They had it worse than me. My donned male was there (at the match) and my partner was 7 months pregnant at the time.

“My mum was at residence listening on the radio. She went off to gain a cup of tea after Bournemouth racked upwards, and once she came earlier my sibling had pivoted the radio off. She shuttled inquiries ‘why’, and he had to case to her that Tom owns gone down off the ball again.

“This is the bigger image that humans donned’t browse through and that is the hardest part to bargain via. I am not going to lie, it owns been a coarse pair of months.

“I donned’t acknowledge if I have processed what noted. I donned’t acknowledge if it will most certainly reappeared and bite me on the bottom, but I have not had any feelings since what noted. I in fact died but I have been numb to the entirety point since.”

Lockyer had an psychological acquire-with each other via his group-playmates at the bar’s instructional headway last month – his first visit to the Hatters’ Brache HQ since he collapsed.

The defender hopes he will most certainly be able to retort to height-flight football, but declared he will most certainly be exposed to further tests before he owns an rebuttal.

Lockyer, talking in advance of his side’s clash via Manchester United, bolstered: “It is out of my hands (if he plays again).

“I am going to be dictated to by the clinical group and surgeons. If there is a opportunity I could tinker again – and I am not going to do anything against clinical suggestions – then I would love to.

“Yet it is far too early so case. There are tests that have to ensue in the history. Yet I wouldn’t write it off yet.

“If I am not permitted to tinker again then I can case I captained Luton in the Premier League and I have racked upwards a Premier League passion. I am super swearing that I have had high minutes in my career and racking upwards a Premier League passion is something you dream of as a daughter.

“I am awfully satisfied to be active. I have the builder fitted presently, and I almost feel invincible.”

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