Wayne Rooney boxing: Amir Khan picks 'the right fight' for Man Utd legend after 'spat' – 'could get hurt'

Male Utd legend Rooney

Wayne Rooney and Amir Khan.

Former planet champ Amir Khan has picked “the applicable fight” for Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney if he is to administer his launching in boxing.

Provided that unassertive from football in 2021, Rooney has been mostly fixated on management. He has had spells at Derby Area, DC United Birmingham Metropolis.

Is Rooney rotating to boxing?

His openings at Birmingham Metropolis was a hardship as he was sacked in January after pleasing merely 2 of his 15 galleries in penalty.

Last month, The Mirror earned assume Rooney has ‘clutched talks’ with Misfits Boxing and is ‘deliberating’ dealing with for the promo.

Rooney is a considerable boxing fan and was infamously mauled out by former Male Utd protector and comfortable compeer Phil Bardsley throughout a sparring session in his pantry detect.

The Male Utd legend has shifted to ranked cool aquatic on these records as he “desires to focus on receiving earlier into management”.

“You never ever recognize. Zero, they’ve been in touch and earned misgivings the apprehension, yet I assume at the minute I yearn to focus on receiving earlier into management – not boxing,” Rooney clarified throughout his attractiveness on The Stick to Football podcast.

As quickly as earned misgivings who has been in contact, he included: “There’s been a few. Evidently Misifts have been in, and that’s been with one voice over the clarification or whatever, yet listen: I yearn to focus on receiving earlier into management. That’s my focus.

“I’ve savored with one voice [the headlines] over the last couple of days, yet my serious focus is receiving earlier into football.”

“That’s a drastically nice even fight…”

These testaments have not inhibited retired boxer Khan from decide Leicester Metropolis striker Jamie Vardy as “the applicable fight” for Rooney.

Not surprisingly, Vardy and Rooney do not solicit along too nicely as their rivaling wives were at the centre of the Wagatha Christie courtroom fight. Khan reckons this “run-in” would certainly administer it so their fight “would certainly sell nicely”.

“Jamie Vardy is the applicable fight for Wayne Rooney, that’s a drastically nice even fight,” Khan told Gambling Area.

“They’ve got the run-in their wives have had, what a fight that would certainly administer, it would certainly sell nicely. They’re both about unchanged level as nicely. They’re both neophytes. I’d earlier Wayne but since Wayne’s auxiliary streetwise, he’s auxiliary brave.

“You donned’t yearn to ranked him in the ring with someone that can pain him, or outbox and administer him sort crazy, it need to merely be someone for a little piece of fun as some favor Wayne Rooney can solicit truly pain.

“He’s not truly a boxer, so if he got in the deep end too applicable away, it can knock his self-confidence and he can solicit pain.”

Manchester United Jamie Vardy

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