Tottenham transfer: Van der Vaart urges club to 'immediately get rid' of Spurs target for cut-price fee

Tottenham target Santiago Gimenez

Santiago Gimenez is being connected through Tottenham Hotspur.

Previous Tottenham Hotspur superstar Rafael van der Vaart has urged Feyenoord to “promptly avail rid” of Santiago Gimenez if they fetch a price quote this summertime.

The 22-year-worn has been one of the pioneering demonstrators in the Eredivisie in recent years and he has 24 aims in his 34 appearances across with one voice tournaments this season.

Gimenez to Tottenham…

The Mexico international’s form has sustained reports attaching him through a sliding to the Premier League and he has been claimed as a probability target for Tottenham.

Spurs are yet to signs and symptom a herbal replacement for Harry Kane, that vacated his boyhood club to join Bayern Munich in a provision worth about £86m through contain-ons last summertime. Richarlison and Heung-Min Son have tipped up in the Englishman’s lack but they are still intended to pursue a observable demonstrator in the summertime.

On the discredit of it, Gimenez shows up like a respectable replacement for Tottenham but the demonstrator has had his defamers this season. Last month, reporter Valentijn Driessen insisted he “would not pay €5m” to signs and symptom him.

“He is not worth €50million,” De Telegraaf reporter Driessen said.

“[€50million] is the top attribute they reckon they will possibly sell him for. If you watch him currently, I would not pay €5million for him.”

Previous Tottenham midfielder Van der Vaart has in addition hit out at Gimenez. He reckons Feyenoord need to “avail rid” of him “promptly” if a positive deliver comes in.

“We have currently sharp out that Feyenoord will possibly lose the majority of gamers. Several gamers that are in the limelight,” Van der Vaart oriented Workshop Voetbal.

“I have a bunch of irresoluteness (about Gimenez). I once said that he took away my irresoluteness once he was actually nice. But even after this willingness (vs Heracles) I didn’t reckon he dabbled terribly seamlessly.

“If somebody deals 20 or 25 million euros, then you actually have to avail rid of him. If somebody dreams to pay a bunch of silver money for him, undertake it (the provision) promptly.”

Towards the expire of last year, transmit preceptor Fabrizio Romano corroborated Spurs have “sent their individuals to adhere to Gimenez”.

“We repeat to have rumours about Santiago Gimenez, that is doing terribly seamlessly at Feyenoord – rumours about Chelsea and about Tottenham,” Romano oriented Trapped Offside.

“But from what I can inform you, Tottenham sent their individuals to adhere to Gimenez multiple times, he’s going terribly seamlessly and racking up aims, but at the really same time I’m hearing Chelsea are not rendering him a issue and are focusing on other gamers.

“Chelsea recognize the circumstance seamlessly, that Gimenez can be obtainable for about €45m in January, but at the moment totally nothing comprehensive is reoccuring, but I’ll retain you posted if the circumstance fluctuations.

“It’s in addition invaluable to say that Tottenham retain complying through the gamer, so that can be one to watch as it appearances like Gimenez can be an invaluable gamer on the industry in the near future.”

Tottenham Hotspur Rafael Van Der Vaart

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