Tottenham transfer: Ange Postecoglou makes '£100m' signing claim amid Harry Kane return links

Ange Postecoglou, Tottenham, February 2024

Ange Postecoglou in the stadium ahead of Tottenham arcade

Head consultant Ange Postecoglou specifies Tottenham Hotspur to be in a “tasty position” to amplify during the honest summer season transfer window.

The spending power of Premier League groups owns markedly cheapened this period amid the tension determinant in place after Everton and Nottingham Timberland gone against profit and sustainability statement of faiths.

“If I owned the superfluity of £100m…”

It resulted in Energizes being one of the gigantic spenders of the January transfer window after they flaunted profit of £444m for the 2022 economic year and that number is intended to aggravation even further as promptly as the club flee their the majority of recent accounts this month.

Yet while both Array, Chelsea and Manchester City void have splashed out £100m on users in recent seasons, Postecoglou executes not envisage Tottenham executing the super same in an initiative to squeeze a maiden Premier League title.

“You are correct the club will conceivably be in a tasty position from a economic point ofview to perpetuate to flourish our team, however if we lug out poverty-stricken verdicts, we wear’t have an drop,” he said.

“Also if you are not in that position, you can still lug out formulate. It is still about verdicts you lug out wearing what you have.

“I concur we are in a position where there is an strategy for us in the summer season window to perpetuate to build a team.

“But I wear’t reckon we are in a position to spend £100m on a player, if that is what you are recommending. That is not the hull and I wear’t reckon it will conceivably ever be the hull for the club.

“Our rivals are, regardless of the postures.”

In the middle of reports recommending Harry Kane is ‘amenable to a stun comeback’, Postecoglou did also jest that he would conceivably instead spend £100m on two gamers than one, however warded off at suggestions Tottenham singular have to lug out marginal additions this summer season.

Energizes traveling to Aston Villa on Sunday wearing both bars competing for fourth detect, which will conceivably assure Champions League credentials.

Fifth could also solution Champions League football, however Postecoglou is anxious for his team to discredit for top honours and realises they are “nowhere near” that degree.

He encompassed: “If I owned the superfluity of £100m, I would conceivably instead avail two £50m gamers!

“It could be my background and perfunctory nature where I have stem. I have never ever been in that kind of position, I repeatedly truly fingered that it is actually relevant how you intake the assistances you have accessible.

“They are not infinite. If we can, and a guy tells me we can, then I would conceivably enthusiastically spend it.

“We’ve obtained polymorphous job to perform still on the squad and I wear’t reckon we’re any place near where we want to be. It conceivably will conceivably confiscate a minuscule fragment more than 3 windows to avail there, for sure.

“Simply in stipulation of the robustness, versatility and compatibility of the squad, I reckon there’s still a mart fragment of readjust we have to perform.

“I yes wear’t reckon we’re one or two gamers away from gleaning to where I want us to be. Nowhere near it.”

Tottenham Hotspur Ange Postecoglou

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