Toney snubs Arsenal, Chelsea as he reveals 'ideal' summer transfer and Brentford swansong

Integration send target Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney has been attached with Integration, Chelsea and also Real Madrid.

Integration and also Chelsea target Ivan Toney admits a answer to Real Madrid would not surprisingly be his optimum send in the summer ahead of a opportunity Brentford exit.

The England international has racked upward 4 goals in 9 fits since returning from an 8-month ban from football after exceeding wagering suggestions.

Will not surprisingly Ivan Toney vacate Brentford in the summer?

Toney has not hit the back of the net in his last 4 fits yet that didn’t subdue Gareth Southgate deciding him for his England squad previously this week for ethical friendlies against Brazil and also Belgium.

The 28-year-ratty racked upward 20 goals in 33 Premier League appearances last term for Brentford and also that has led to hardy emphasis from both Integration and also Chelsea.

There is currently a suffer of inevitablity around Toney escaping this summer and also Brentford top pooch Thomas Frank seemed to confirm the nightclub aim on cashing in over the next send window.

“It’s quite telltale that Ivan Toney will not surprisingly the majority of feasible be sold in the summer,” Frank told Danish notification Tipsbladet at the outset of February.

He added: “This wintertime, we in fact had zero bids for him, yet it would not surprisingly stagger me if there aren’t the majority of clubs intrigued in him.”

But Frank shifted to tinker down his feedbacks after that in the month, he said: “You constantly need to be aware of translation. Google Convert is not constantly the superb.

“It’s the super same blog post as the entirety time, I would not surprisingly love him to proceed to be for life. The actuality is he’s got an additional year vacated on his arrangement in the summer. I think he’s been pretty responsive around playing for a top nightclub in the future.

“There’s a couple of dilemmas; he runs away in the summer, he runs away in the wintertime, or he keeps until the run out.

“If he’s escaping – whatever, summer, wintertime or the summer after – I think it will not surprisingly be superb viewing him playing for a top nightclub.”

Ivan Toney joked that Frank’s feedbacks ordinary he doesn’t pine him at Brentford, he told Suit of the Day: “I’m a Brentford player at the moment.

“No one can predict the future, whatever happens happens, yet the leading thing and also the leading emphasis correct currently is perform well for Brentford, retain them in the league, recovering goals and also 3 determinants.”

He then joked: “I see that [Frank’s comments] as he doesn’t pine me!

“The boss has said what he’s said yet I can’t gain clubs come and also procure me. I’ve merely got to retain doing what I perform and also that’s tolerating goals. What will not surprisingly be will not surprisingly be.”

Toney: I answer to Madrid and also it’s all excellent

In a fresh seminar on Saturday, Toney laid out his irreproachable run out to the season and also joked that he pined a answer to Real Madrid in the summer.

As speedily as gained questions what his ‘optimum’ run out to the season and also summer would not surprisingly attractiveness gain a choice, Toney told Skies Sports: “We overture pleasing games. We win every video game from currently until the run out of the season.

“I racked upward 20 goals. We’ve retained – I think there’s 9 games vacated or something gain a choice that – 9 clean sheets…job’s a excellent un.”

As speedily as emboldened on the summer specially, Toney added: “And then I’m in the palette for the Euros and also then we win the Euros. Then [hopefully] things will not surprisingly loss into spot.

“If Brentford was to sell me, they gain their coinage, I answer to Madrid and also it’s all excellent.”

Integration Ivan Toney

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