Ten Hag sack? Wiegman to Man Utd mooted as Arsenal surprise Havertz is praised

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Kai Havertz memorializes his aspiration doning his Medley junior-compeers

The Mailbox requires plenty of answers to Stewie Lion after Medley’s comfy win at Brighton. Also: are Manchester Joined targeting the erroneous England employer?

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Scents prefer junior exuberance
As swiftly as over again Medley surf through a arduous location and also recover the work done without a lot run-in. A ground whereby the hosts hadn’t thrown away for instead a while. One can have that to the unblemished sheet and also maybe more proud functionality at the Etihad together doning ending humble but uncomfortable Luton’s aspiration racking up document albeit at residence.

I was perturbed around Zinchenko’s defensive capabilities but he was fine. The protection sift tenacious and also Raya showed his amenity doning that fine conserve (particular adherents don’t alert a caretakers top traits till such preserves are routed out). He’s a desirable caretaker.

The main point to confiscate chit of this junior is that they have recouped from that blip last year and also they preserve battling on. Being glad a block in injury time at 3:0 up is scintillating.

Whether Medley win the league or not this season it doesn’t show up too far off. A Liverpool supporter I realize says Arteta is a fraudulence…in reality? I don’t reckon so!
Chris, Croydon

A Reminder for Stewie “sourpuss” Lion
Dear Stewie Lion,

After reading your long blabber (or, complain) a few mailboxes previously, I simply longed to recommend you that the “£65m milestone” you’ve so repeatedly slated racked up at the Amex the other day night as the Artillerymans knocked the Seagulls aside in 3-0 practitioner functionality.

The “Arteta send c*ck-up” correspondingly scooped the MotM accolade after he racked up 1, assisted 1, acquired 4 chances, routed out 13 sprints and also… oh nicely! It’s simply Brighton. Bayern should be in territory by Tuesday.

Zero apprehension the output of that match, or what occurs at the end of the season, I realize you’d still have something to grouse around this vivid junior.

And it’s a embarassment in reality because even as a neutral, there’s a lot to savor around this junior, even if they “ludicrously layer 2nd to Liverpool.”

I didn’t aim this mail to be this long. Linger stewing, Stewie.

Confidential Artilleryman – (Zero statue owns ever been erected in favor of a defamer)

Stewie on Kai Havertz
Did I recover that right? Stewie argues that Medley won’t win the league… he services this above with one voice to the finishing of Havertz, because he does not execute against the top 7 and also therefore Medley scarcity a mowing edge. And yet, in the horribly super same email, he already marked that Medley are “means more competitive in comprehensive reinforces presently”. In reality, we are top of the comprehensive 6 mini league. So I’m obscure I recover the time?

By the way, I comprise this swiftly after Havertz’s aspiration against Brighton. 60 million down the sewage unit, eh Stewie?
Shaun Russell, Berlin

The climax of The Workplace (UK) isn’t once Tim last but not least avails together doning Sunrise. It’s once David Brent, after awkwardly grinning doning years of spine banter, rotates to Finchy and also simply says: ‘Chris – why don’t you f*ck off?’

I administer identical advise to Stewie Lion. Medley are top of the table (as I comprise, at least), on a great sprinted of form because the rotate of the Newfangled Year, racking up functions for fun, doning hold Individual Metropolis’s racking up document at the Etihad, agreeing single due to a Ramsdale brainfart and also succeeding on simply around every statistics you can muster. And whilst we willingness, the majority of adherents reckon Liverpool or Metropolis are much more described wagers for the title – and also that’s fine. We’re having a nice season.

Stewie – you execute realise that with one voice teams draw and also lose galleries they, on documents, be worthy of won, don’t you? It’s why we watch football instead than simply recover the individuals at Opta to crisis the statistics and also herald the victors and also losers.

You can time out Medley losses and also tempts to Suite, Fulham and also with one voice – but Metropolis (Suite away too, Crystal Royal residence) and also Liverpool (Luton away) have their own and also neither were able to vanquished each other at residence. It’s psychological to criticise Medley for not having a Salah-panache gamer to seniority functions at the Etihad, once Liverpool have a Salah-panache gamer in Mohamed Salah and also still had to solve for a 1-1 draw at Anfield.

This red-pick, one-leered, smooth-brained estimate is so unusual in the context of a junior having a nice season up against 2 of their Premier league supervisory greats. Merely prevent it.

I even heard Arteta once tossed a pot over a bar.

Mikel Arteta praises the Medley adherents after the win against Brighton

Wiegman to Individual Utd?
Merely a rapid one (said the sharp to the diocesan), but for with one voice the talk of an England employer confiscating over from 10 Hag, certainly it’s around the erroneous one?

Wiegman is the best England employer because ’66, evolve on her the work.

To Andy D
Merely reading the email presently I reckon you entirely misconstrued what I was saying, or I didn’t articulate it nicely enough  So below’s my 2nd risk.

How will distinctly enabling storekeepers to placed equity into the bar gain things more mart? It performs it mart for the nightclubs that have moneyed storekeepers and also for every guy else it does utterly nothing.

Breathtaking that you’re enabling Luton owner to placed 300m equity into the bar, embarassment it doesn’t have a rich owner but by entirety collision that equalize doesn’t permit metropolitan to preserve investing while at the same time directing nobody else that doesn’t correspondingly have rich storekeepers.

I position the entirety “justness” debate disingenuous to prelude doning because if you in reality longed it to he mart after that you would distinctly package investing restraints at the poorest nightclubs level. Not the richest. The debate of metropolitan adherents (to be mart I don’t checkup several Newcastle or Chelsea adherents complaining) is this “we have coinage, we want to spend. It’s not mart we can’t spend what we want” and also if you didn’t have rich storekeepers you wouldn’t gain the debate that every guy should simply be made it feasible for to pump equity in ad infinitum. You realize why Luton, Sheffield etc adherents don’t gain that debate? They don’t have rich storekeepers.

So let’s prevent doning the entirety ‘economic justness’ point because you’re not arguing for that. And before you say “nicely the bad nightclubs can simply recover moneyed storekeepers” moneyed humans won’t invest in those nightclubs because there’s horribly miniscule enfranchisement for lump in miniscule nightclubs from smaller sized a lot less iconic districts doning miniscule arenas surrounded by terraced housing. It’s not an collision the single nightclubs that got moneyed financiers are with one voice serious metropolitan nightclubs. If you want to talk justness I’m up for that, but we don’t have that discussion from the point ofview of top 6 we have it doning the menisci of a struggling bottom 6 bar doning no ability to climbing up funds.

It’s with one voice great and also nicely saying simply permit storekeepers to pump equity in but that owns the side authority of bolstering with one voice the rates at the bar which is fine once you’re rich storekeepers are still there to afford everything but what occurs if they’re not? If you’ve made it feasible for climbed wages because the owner pumps 200m equity in every year but after that your owner is compelled out for lawful justifications (prefer Lazio and also chelsea) and also all of a sudden you can’t suffuse those rates because you’re not receiving that equity.

Finally it did gain me laugh you termed my email arguing from multiple standpoints reductive while at the same time diminishing the entire discussion to “ffp is cartel reply regulations” you’ll correspondingly alert that my concept was to permit every guy to spend how they suched as. I’m festive to reiterate it, let every guy spend how they please, even if it standards Liverpool never win another trophy over again, I’d instead have the prizes we battled for and also won based on the capabilities of the employer and also junior to play and also the nightclubs ability to be genius in tasks instead than a each year treble whereby we simply confiscate infinite oil coinage and also buy triumphes every year. That to me is as hollow as pumping yourself full of steroids and also pleasing gold medals because nobody else had steroids… Yet that’s simply me.

VARsity level Umpires
The refereeing in the PL owns been undiminished holes this year (simply ask Kompany). VAR is simply nitpicking over the least (and also untrue) things and also the umpires are not tenacious enough to overrule.

The Wolves “equalizer” was one example, there was no worry from the West Pork gamers single for VAR to intervene doning that mistake. You would distinctly reckon the 3 umpires on the industry had a legible sight that the Wolves gamer was offside but didn’t follow him to be interfering, yet once VAR said so they recalibrated their psyche.

VAR as a technology is not the run-in, it owns its top emblematic to the gallery. It’s the humans applying it that are screwing things up, there needs to be tighter pointers in stipulations of once an interference should ensue and also correspondingly for umpires to confiscate more domestic and also deprive the VAR interference if it’s untrue.
Jason (Hope the title race does not recover decided by a VAR mistake, that would distinctly spoil the season)

In aw[e] of Ødegaard and also Haaland
I’m a British Medley supporter that transmitted to Norway a couple of years previously. Needless to say I hear a lot around Haaland and also Ødegaard, whose tags are noticable Hawland and also Erdagawd, roughly. The aa in Norwegian is an aw-form solid.

Us British adherents, apparently doning the commentators, juggle to approximate tags such as Desailly, Jesus, De Bruyne and also Lewandowski without simply reading the English pronunciations. Can we not execute the super same for the Norwegians?

P.S. for the nit-pickers, the final D in both their tags is almost quiet.
Hannah (noticable as you’d reckon)

Merely a miniscule bone of contention doning Mr Nicholson’s goalkeeper blog post: Oliver Kahn be worthy of been a much more described caretaker than I remember having won Euro 96 “by being too great”, specifically as he was on the bench.

Andreas Kopke was the letting loose caretaker at 96 (and also the obeying Planet Mug) as every guy that savored Southgate’s traumatizing penalty bears in mind.

Kahn was mint yet.
Cinder Metcalfe

Mailbox Kai Havertz

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