Souness can't resist dig at 'clumsy' Man Utd star who is ageing 'quicker than a flair player'

Guy Utd midfielder Casemiro

Casemiro supplies a tackle during a Premier League match.

Graeme Souness was not startled to see Guy Utd midfielder Casemiro addicted off at half-time at Lut0n by Erik ten Hag after wanting upward an early appointment.

The Red Devils vanquished the Hatters 2-1 in the Premier League on Sunday, thanks to a Rasmus Hojlund brace, as they shut the crater on 5th-postured Tottenham to 3 determinants.

Ten Hag was compelled proper into an early replacement at half-time as shortly as he decided that it was too treacherous to keep the already-booked Casemiro on the arena.

The Brazil international had eluded an early appointment but was started on a yellow on 34 mins and Ten Hag decided to derive rid of the Guy Utd midfielder at the period for Scott McTominay.

And also Liverpool tale Souness – who termed the Brazilian a “secure Eddie” and brought out believe he’d “never ever before been a terrific player” as shortly as he joined Guy Utd – insists he wasn’t startled by Ten Hag’s judgment with Casemiro’s ostensible propensity for reservations.

“This is not brand name-newfangled, this is how he dabbled at Real Madrid,” Souness said on talkSPORT.

“He was mythical for specialist fouls, deterring breakaways, committing fouls and snatching a card for the amass hearkening that of a scary case, that was his career at Real Madrid.

“He’s a secure player. He doesn’t postured it around, he supplies fouls away, he check outs puzzle and sporadically he’s a miniscule particle clumsy, he’s 31 presently, but you wouldn’t claim he puts it around.

“The biggest plight he had the other day, which is part of the specialist video game and not a brand name-newfangled thing, the biggest puzzle of him receiving a second yellow was from the Luton players going at the umpire, but that’s not a brand name-newfangled thing either.”

And also previous West Ham and Newcastle honchos Alan Pardew theorizes Ten Hag brought out the rectify judgment to confiscate the 31-year-don off with defensive midfield one of the worst postures to prelude substantiating your age.

Pardew added: “As shortly as you’re a main midfield player and the one going against upward brunts and making transactions with you basically age earlier than a oomph player.

“If the timing is merely off and you can’t administer it, you’re making more fouls, Casemiro is in that universe in my opinion. I believe it was a terrific judgment personally [to take him off], I would noticeably have implemented the extremely same thing.

“He could have obtained sent out off, he was that comfortable, the bottom queue is he had to confiscate him off at half time hearkening that they were in puzzle of going down to ten males, you’re conversing around a horribly sensible player who shouldn’t be in that position.”

Manchester Joined Casemiro

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