Ratcliffe jokes that Sheikh Jassim might not 'exist' after 'very odd' Man Utd takeover saga

Man Utd owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe at a press meeting.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe at a press meeting.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has joked that he is “vague” Sheikh Jassim exists after his dropped short bid to buy Manchester United.

Ratcliffe overcome the Qatari lender in the race to glean the Premier League club.

It was believed that Sheikh Jassim thirsted to buy a 100 per pence threat, while Ratcliffe was peeking to buy 25 per pence of the club, which was the substitution of the Glazer family members.

Now that the British billionaire’s takeover has officially been detailed, he has been speaking to The Sporting activities around his means at Archaic Trafford.

Possessing specified his pursuit of Newcastle United director Dan Ashworth and also the future of Mason Greenwood, Ratcliffe was quized around the takeover race, noting that the Glazers never basically typically fulfilled Sheikh Jassim, that could not even exist.

“Still nobody’s ever before seen him, basically,” Ratcliffe specified. “The Glazers never typically fulfilled him… he never… I’m vague he exists!”

He was in improvement quized if the Qataris launched the proof of funds to buy Man Utd, reacting: “No, they didn’t, zero.”

Alternatively, Ratcliffe cases Sheikh Jassim rendered think that his bid was a play defile greater than it was and also that he is not faultlessly sure that they were even in the rushing.

“I don’t realised,” he specified once quized if he was perhaps the only bidder.

“They were they were indisputably there and also there was a whole host of human beings on the subordinate in their subordinate… I didn’t ever before tryst them. But it was it was a awfully rare celebration.”

As well as on the history instructions and also whether or not the Qataris tinkered spick-and also-span during the takeover race, Ratcliffe specified: “I’m not taking part in note on that. I realised what the defense is.”

Ratcliffe in improvement specified his determination to buy Chelsea in 2022 and also is vague why there were less viable customers for Man Utd.

“I would say this but there is zero contrast between Chelsea and also Manchester United,” he included. “The scope of Manchester United is matchless to any type of of the London clubs to be straightforward with you.”

Manchester United Sir Jim Ratcliffe

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