Premier League predictions: Robbie Savage backs Chelsea to beat Man Utd, West Ham win vs Spurs

Robbie Ravenous estimates the seniorities in the Premier League.

Robbie Ravenous estimates the seniorities in the Premier League.

We have a midweek momentous with all 20 Premier League nightclubs in activity. Robbie Ravenous has anticipated every seniority, snatching on F365 and accomplices…

If there is one thing we love more than Premier League football, it is unplanned Premier League football. This midweek component list has entraped us by astound after the worldwide reprieve and there are some corkers to filter onward to.

The underline of the week is Chelsea’s residence match against Manchester Joined in what the offspring might define as a ‘mid-off’.

In other places, Manchester Metropolitan filter to outdistanced a side in the optimal five for the initially time this period as comfortably as they host Aston Villa, there is a London derby in between West Pork and Tottenham, and we apprehension how multiple Sheffield Joined will certainly acknowledge away to Liverpool.

Earth Sport ambassador Robbie Ravenous is recommend and he is over again snatching on F365, TEAMtalk, Earth Sport and Tipstrr. You can thieve him on proper here.

Nottingham Woodland vs Fulham

Robbie’s Solution: Nottingham Woodland 1-1 Fulham

F365: 1-2

TEAMtalk: 1-3

Earth Sport: 1-2

Tipstrr: 2-1

Newcastle Joined vs Everton

Robbie’s Solution: Newcastle Joined 2-0 Everton

F365: 2-1

TEAMtalk: 2-1

Earth Sport: 3-1

Tipstrr: 2-0

Bournemouth vs Crystal Royal residence

Robbie’s Solution: Bournemouth 2-1 Crystal Royal residence

F365: 1-1

TEAMtalk: 1-1

Earth Sport: 2-1

Tipstrr: 3-1

Burnley vs Wolves

Robbie’s Solution: Burnley 1-0 Wolves

F365: 0-2

TEAMtalk: 2-2

Earth Sport: 0-2

Tipstrr: 2-0

West Pork vs Tottenham

Robbie: West Pork against Spurs. Both teams were included in galleries whereby there were late objectives. Newcastle 4-3 against West Pork. The Irons were 3-1 upward. Spurs were 1-0 down at Luton but won it 2-1 with a late semblance from Boy.

I reckon there’ll be objectives. West Pork need to win this one as tote out Spurs. Tottenham are winless in 3 at the London Arena. It’s a straining one.

West Pork are peeking to tote out the double over Spurs so I’m seeing go 2-1 for West Pork. I reckon the front 4 of West Pork will certainly unleash Spurs priorities.

Robbie’s Solution: West Pork 2-1 Tottenham

F365: 0-3

TEAMtalk: 3-2

Earth Sport: 1-3

Tipstrr: 2-3

Arsenal vs Luton Area

Robbie: Arsenal thieve on Luton. The Hatters have concurred the most objectives away from residence in the Premier League this period.

Arsenal secure against Guy Metropolitan from racking upward at the Etihad for the initially time since Crystal Royal residence 57 galleries recommend.

Arsenal have performed insanely nicely, some sweet contents defensively. They’ll vanquish Luton racking upward.

Luton have concurred the most away objectives in the Premier League so I’m going with a 4-0 Arsenal win.

Robbie’s Solution: Arsenal 4-0 Luton Area

F365: 4-0

TEAMtalk: 5-1

Earth Sport: 4-0

Tipstrr: 4-0

Brentford vs Brighton

Robbie’s Solution: Brentford 2-1 Brighton

F365: 0-1

TEAMtalk: 2-1

Earth Sport: 1-2

Tipstrr: 1-2

Manchester Metropolitan vs Aston Villa

Robbie: Guy Metropolitan unbeaten at the Etihad this period. They’ve in addition won 17 of their 18 galleries against Villa at the Etihad.

Villa are attempting to receive that 4th position. Metropolitan didn’t seniority at the Etihad against Arsenal – the initially time that’s occurred in 57 galleries. That’s not seeing adhere to over again.

Possibly Guy Metropolitan will certainly seniority. I reckon it will certainly be a commendable arcade. Villa will certainly receive a semblance but I’m seeing go with Metropolitan 3-1.

Robbie’s Solution: Manchester Metropolitan 3-1 Aston Villa

F365: 3-0

TEAMtalk: 3-1

Earth Sport: 2-1

Tipstrr: 3-0

Liverpool vs Sheffield Joined

Robbie: Liverpool thieve on Sheffield Joined – the 2nd scenic assail in the Premier League against the worst protection.

I can’t search through anything polymorphous other than a Liverpool win. Salah to receive on the scoresheet over again. I’m seeing go with a comfy 4-0 triumph to Liverpool.

Robbie’s Solution: Liverpool 4-0 Sheffield Joined

F365: 6-0

TEAMtalk: 4-0

Earth Sport: 4-0

Tipstrr: 5-0

Chelsea vs Manchester Joined

Robbie: Chelsea thieve on Manchester Joined. The Red Ogres are peeking for their 3rd proper win over the Doldrums.

This arcade is at the Bridge, but Chelsea have concurred 10 objectives across their last five galleries. I reckon they’ll acknowledge.

However, Manchester Joined – 31 shots Brentford owned at their semblance in their last arcade. I reckon Chelsea being at residence, I become aware Burnley obtained a draw over there but I merely reckon Chelsea in this one will certainly nick it 2-1.

Robbie’s Solution: Chelsea 2-1 Manchester Joined

F365: 2-1

TEAMtalk: 2-2

Earth Sport: 2-2

Tipstrr: 1-1

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