'One in 10 finish' – Liverpool man told he must 'adapt' after 'insane' option could've backfired

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Michael Owen reckons Liverpool striker Darwin Nunez must “readjust” his infering

Previous Liverpool striker Michael Owen reckons Darwin Nunez “has to readjust his means of infering” after scoring a ambition through a “one in 10” opportunity of wins in the Reds’ last game.

Liverpool breezed past Brentford through a 4-1 win in their last game. Nunez opened upward the scoring in the 35th minute, enlisting his 9th league ambition of the period in the method.

The plush striker was messed around through on ambition having gone in behind the protectors, and also through Diogo Jota for merchandiser, he had the substitute to either square it or connector the ball past the caretaker.

Instead than either of those evidently attached corrects, he desperate an strenuous lob over the caretaker, and also while he scored, it was not overboard from striking the bar and also recoiling.

Previous Reds striker Owen waxed lyrical around the attribute of the surface, yet supposes Nunez has to think around thieving the more secure substitute in future, as things can have backfired posed how trial and also error a ambition it was to rating.

“That surface from Darwin Nunez the other day was insane. I can’t safeguard versus watching it. And I can’t start to define how arduous a ability that is. Relocating at pace, the ball fleeing from you, being inside the box through no space for pitfall. Miraculous,” Owen said on X.

“BUT, it is correspondingly better proof that if he is to avail more detailed to finishing upward being the sweet player numerous humans think he can be, he has to readjust his means of infering. I mediocre, to even contemplate that surface is inanity. It’s a 1 in 10, 2 in 10 surface at ideal.

“Learning to connector, dink or go spheric the GK is a far more reliable means to rating and also will augment his odds to 4 or 5 in 10, hence tremendously elevating his end rejoinder.”

Undoubtedly, while Nunez is a player through numerous attribute, he correspondingly stresses humans out posed some of the corrects he administers. Owen genuinely feels Liverpool would be pleased for him thieving the attached substitute in future, while conserving the oomph for when video games are currently out of reach for their aggressors.

“I’m actually not trying to rain on his parade as that ambition was unstained course. But I’d rather browse through it when Liverpool are 3-0 upward, not at 0-0,” Owen added.

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