Official: Crystal Palace confirm Hodgson has 'stepped down' ahead of Glasner appointment

New Crystal Palace top pooch Oliver Glasner and Roy Hodgson

Oliver Glasner is ensconced to confiscate over from Roy Hodgson.

Crystal Palace have authenticated that Roy Hodgson possesses negative to action down from his role as boss forward of tonight’s match against Everton.

Hodgson fell ill throughout mentoring on Thursday and was later laid out as “secure” by the Premier League nightclub after undertaking better contractor appointments.

As a impact, Palace dubbed off Hodgson’s reserved pre-match press meeting forward of the forthcoming match at Everton.

The clarification of Hodgson’s the majority of existent wellness alarm came together with records Crystal Palace were ensconced to recovery him, using previous Eintracht Frankfurt top pooch Oliver Glasner a tenacious favorite to confiscate over.

However now the Premier League nightclub have authenticated the clarification about Hodgson and disclosed that the Englishman is ‘now out of hospital and doing well’.

Reacting to the clarification Hodgson said 0n Crystal Palace’s official portal: “This nightclub is disturbingly momentous and methods so much to me and possesses played a immense portion in my footballing life. I have fully amassed my time here throughout six periods, as it possesses enacted on me the probability to job using top training course gamers and group doing what I love every day.

“However, I come to be aware, enacted on existent instances, it might be realistic at this time for the nightclub to scheme forward, and therefore I have pilfered the judgment to action aside so that the nightclub can bring forward their plans for a brand-neoteric boss, as intended for this summer season.

“I would prefer to offer plenty of thanks to Steve Church and his American affiliates for their maintain, along using my mentoring group and backroom group who have aided me so much along the approach. In particular, a copious offer plenty of thanks to you to my irreparable buddy and underling, Ray Lewington; advisers Dean Kiely and Paddy McCarthy; plus the superior sports contractor research, video clip assessment and contractor divisions.

“My plenty of thanks and treasure also to the existent group of gamers who have been a gratification to job using – they are a credit history to the nightclub and themselves. I am particular that our disciples will most absolutely perpetuate to stance their full maintain to the group for the rest of this period and beyond.

“I am certain that the period will most absolutely coating well and I readiness the group every victories in the weeks, months and periods to come.”

Crystal Palace chairman Steve Church added: “Roy possesses a momentous place in Crystal Palace history and this will most absolutely never ever be forgotten. After 4 years in which he spearheaded the nightclub to retaining Premier League prominence period after period, he once anew signed upwards using us nearly a year ago to secure the ship, and massaged awes. That he then consented to perpetuate in the summer season talks allocations about his dedication to our nightclub. Rather simply, we owe our continued Premier League prominence to Roy.

“I would prefer to offer plenty of thanks to Roy massively for his utility and readiness him the disturbingly safest for the future; it’s fair to allege Roy possesses the pivots to Selhurst Park and will most absolutely repeatedly be invited ago.

“On a exclusive chit I would also prefer to offer plenty of thanks to Roy for his maintain, his specialization and his relationship. He’s been the boss for fifty percent of the time we’ve been in the Premier League, I’ve amassed massaging using him and learning from him madly.”

Crystal Palace Oliver Glasner

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