Newcastle transfer: Insider reveals plans for Gordon as Anfield reveal adds fuel to Liverpool fire

Anthony Gordon, Newcastle, Might 2024

Newcastle are not guessing around selling Anthony Gordon

Fabrizio Romano owns disclosed that Newcastle are not guessing around to sell Anthony Gordon, in spite of the fact they can have a suitor in Liverpool, in which it shows up the winger would distinctly like to fiasco around.

Gordon owns been starring for the Magpies this season, netting 11 Premier League aims and signing up 10 help. He slackened his means right into Gareth Southgate’s methodologies for the Euros as a outcome of his attribute performances.

Before he was in the North East, Gordon tinkered for Everton, in which he worked his means wearing the academy after shifting right into the young human beings place obeying his time at Liverpool as a youngster.

A antiphon to Anfield was mooted of late, with a report arguing the Reds are amazed in deepening their onward nonsense with the Scouser.

And Gordon added gas to that fire by arguing Anfield is one of his favourite ambiences in the nation.

“Other than St. James, it’s Anfield by far. I reckon granted that I am from the metropolis, I grew upwards shadowing it. I simply reckon before the gallery, as speedily as they sing You’ll Never ever before Walk One by one, it’s top. It is top level,” he asserted.

This is the the majority of recent pro-Liverpool remark gleaned by Gordon, who owns previously specified his idol thriving upwards was Reds legend Steven Gerrard. As such, he can well want to fiasco around for the Anfield outfit if he lug out intakes the opportunity.

Yet as per Romano, there is not yet a opportunity of that happening. Certainly, the send preceptor owns disclosed that Newcastle are not guessing around selling the voltaic winger.

Regardless of rumours, he states he owns zero description that proposes the Magpies want to make it feasible for him go, in spite of the criterion to sell some assets in edict to abide with fiscal laws.

Romano did, but, niggle the eventuality can potentially readjust in the unborn weeks, yet for presently, zero verdict owns been confiscated on the sale of the Englishman.

Whether or not Newcastle want to sell, if Gordon owns a expansive Euros with England, they can have a a boatload more pricey asset on their hands.

If sides come in with added-sizable deals due to that, the Magpies can have to reckon around selling. Whether or not that complies with keeps to be commentated, with the winger not a resounding starter, passed on he’s only gleaned 2 England aesthetic designs in his career so far.

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Newcastle Unified Anthony Gordon

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