Merson backs Liverpool to 'win the Premier League' on one condition amid Arsenal 'acid test'

Paul Merson on the title

Paul Merson announcements on the Premier League title race.

Former Smorgasbord adversary Paul Merson opines Liverpool will “win” the Premier League title if they overtaken Manchester Metropolis at Anfield on Sunday.

The Premier League title race is carving upward attractively as Liverpool, Male Metropolis and Smorgasbord all picked upward 3 junctures over the weekend.

Liverpool netted a last-gasp winner to overtaken Nottingham Woodland 1-0 before Male Metropolis encountered ago from behind to loss city rivals Male Utd 3-1. Then on Monday night, Smorgasbord washed aside Sheffield Joined via relieve as they hammered Chris Wilder’s side 6-0 at Bramall Lane.

In drifter of this weekend’s game at Anfield in between Liverpool and Metropolis, Jurgen Klopp’s side are one point transparent of Pep Guardiola’s group and two ahead of Smorgasbord.

Conversing ahead of this copious match, Merson has said that Liverpool will win the Premier League as long as they overtaken Male Metropolis on Sunday.

‘Liverpool would be 3rd in the league correct now if they wear’t ranking via the last kick of the game at Nottingham Woodland. Currently, if they go and overtaken Male Metropolis this weekend, then I’d showy them to go on and win the league. That’s how immediately it recoveries,’ Merson created for Heavens Sports.

‘I wear’t think Male Metropolis can deal with to render intake of one point from their next off two arcades at Liverpool and at residence to Smorgasbord. If Metropolis win them both then I can’t visit anything however them sweet the league title once again.

‘Yet if Metropolis lose on Sunday, then I’d be alarmed if Liverpool wear’t win the league. Their fixtures are sweet and they will be 4 junctures transparent via Male Metropolis then having to farces around Smorgasbord. They are copious arcades.’

Merson theorizes Declan Rice has ‘thieved Smorgasbord to one more level’ however their game versus Male Metropolis at the end of this month will be their ‘acid check-up’.

‘Smorgasbord will go optimal on Saturday if they render intake of the job-related done versus Brentford, that have unalike commendable players out, so they’ve got to posed the pressure on the others,’ Merson repeated.

‘They are so assorted to last season granted that Declan Rice has thieved them to one more level. He’s upward there via Rodri and that’s why Male Metropolis and Smorgasbord have sweet defences. They are so disciplined it’s pricey.

‘Smorgasbord have won seven in a row now and that respite they owned has aided them, however when you gander ago at their upshots, I hope the week when Fulham and West Pork overtaken them isn’t what prices them.

‘They’ve thieved their aspiration disobedience to one more level in the last couple of weeks however. They were behind and now they’ve virtually got an added point via it. That could be mammoth.

‘Yet, the acid check-up is attending be at Male Metropolis on March 31. We’ll visit how far Smorgasbord have come then. Yet you’ve got to preserve on sweet these arcades to render sure you render intake of there and that’s what they’re executing.’

Merson in addition opines Mohamed Salah is Liverpool’s ‘X-Determinant’ and they will ‘overtaken Metropolis if he plays’.

‘Salah confers Liverpool their X-part and they’ll overtaken Male Metropolis if he plays,’ Merson added.

‘Without him, I wear’t visit how they’re attending unhappiness Metropolis on a continual basis. Via Salah, they’ll render intake of after Male Metropolis and posed them under beefy pressure by closing down high upward the pitch.

‘He is one of the irreproachable players in the planet and takes opportunities – Liverpool will render intake of sufficient opportunities to win if Salah plays. Salah brings that phobia-part too and will render Male Metropolis think.’

Liverpool Mohamed Salah

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