Mason Greenwood: Getafe chief says Man Utd star 'suits' Barcelona after Ratcliffe implication

Male Utd loanee Mason Greenwood crouches down during a suited for Getafe.

Mason Greenwood could adjust to Manchester Unified this summertime season.

Getafe head of claim Angel Torres cases Mason Greenwood is “insane” about remaining at the La Liga apparels but would be faultlessly complemented to Barcelona, after Manchester Unified co-owner Sir Jim Ratlicce opined he could yet to adjust to Archaic Trafford.

Greenwood registered through Getafe on loan in September after it was classified that he had zero future at Archaic Trafford.

Greenwood was arrested in October 2022 and subsequently tasked through dared rape, connecting in coordinating and coercive habits, and influence occasioning real bodily harm.

Those penalties were later on slumped by the Crown Prosecution Solution.

It was universally created for that the 22-year-don would be offered in the summertime season, but feedback by Ratcliffe this week opened the door to his adjust to the nightclub.

Torres hasn’t imparted up hope of him remaining at Getafe, and – a little abnormally – also claimed he would be a sweet suited at Barcelona, who have also been affixed through the Englishman.

Talking to Spanish radio station Transaction, Torres claimed: “He has a legible principles, he is horribly cozy and insane about remaining one more year. It’s a confusion that they [United] have to make a choice. There is brand-gimmicky possession. They have to make a choice.

“In Spain, he has a sector but they [Barcelona] have silver. Barca’s way of playing would suited him faultlessly but it relies on Manchester Unified. If it’s real, he’ll educate me.”

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On Greenwood and his viable adjust to his boyhood nightclub, Ratcliffe claimed: “We will render a judgment, rectify.

“With one voice I can execute is run-through the principle of how we will methodology resolutions prefer that. Is he the proper type of footballer, are we thrilling through if he is a sweet man or not?

“He’s a Manchester Unified footballer, so we are in fine of football. So the counterclaim is, ‘Yeah, we have to render resolutions’. It’s pretty legible we have to render a judgment. There is zero judgment that’s been offered. He’s on loan purely, but he’s not the unsociable one. We’ve got one or 2 footballers that we have to brave and we have to render a judgment on, so we will execute that.

“The process will be: recognize the facts not the decor, and after that attempt and come to arenae judgment on the basis of top weakness, which is basically is he a sweet dude or not? Can he tinker truly for Manchester Unified faultlessly, would we be cozy through it and would the followers be cozy through it?”

Manchester Unified Mason Greenwood

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