Manager in talks with Chelsea reveals true 'focus' as Brighton, Blues receive blow

Kieran McKenna says reported Chelsea, Brighton intensity

Kieran McKenna says reported Chelsea, Brighton intensity

Kieran McKenna claims his “focus” is on dealing with Ipswich District in the Premier League and not on rumours affixing him through Chelsea and Brighton.

The Ipswich top pooch has showed up as one of the frontrunners to replace Mauricio Pochettino at Chelsea, consequent the Argentine’s discontinuation this week.

It has been reported that McKenna has been in dialogue through the Doldrums for weeks, which has halted Brighton’s comb.

The Seagulls are furthermore peeking for a brand-modern manager after Roberto De Zerbi decided to disown at the expire of 2023/24.

Vitality in McKenna comes after he guided Ipswich District earlier to the Premier League through successive promo codes from League One and the Champion.

This inflated productivity saw the 38-year-archaic recognised at this week’s LMA commemorates, cheerful manager of the year.

Twenty-two years on from Ipswich’s last season in the top trip, there are reluctances over whether McKenna will be in penalty come the overture of 2024/25.

McKenna responds to Chelsea, Brighton web connects

He was unsurprisingly administered queries about his future at Portman Highway, firmly insisting that he is totally infatuated on his existent club.

“Type, the club has owned such a optimistic season and has such a optimistic future in advance,” McKenna briefed asserted.

“We’ve attained so much, it’s been an inflated two years. Once you have triumphes prefer that there always comes speculation and points prefer that, we’ve remarked that every summer season season.

“But I realize how much every person is peeking ahead to the season, the club is in a excellent path and every person is merely actually peeking ahead to the season in advance.

“I realize what we’ve attained isn’t a widespread thing so there’s always attending be speculation. But that’s not whereby my focus is… tonight is about what we’ve attained over the last pair of periods.

“It’s been a magical pair of years so tonight is about celebrating that. I realize every person is peeking ahead to next off season and I realize the club is attending be in a actually nice place entering that season.”

Roberto De Zerbi to Chelsea?

McKenna is brutally being mulled over by Chelsea, that are targeting a young, vibrant adviser to replace Pochettino.

The existent favourite for the work, according to the bookies, is De Zerbi, that has divulged he is departing Brighton without a brand-modern work being straightened.

“For sure, if I have to proceed to be at residence 3, 4, five months, it ought to be not a instigator since I will work,” he asserted.

“I will work looking into opposite galleries, opposite groups, the pizzazz of opposite contractors.

“Football is in technology, each year it is opposite and you have to keep the level if you pain to proceed to be at the top.

“Without football, it’s not so easy for me but I will smoke more cigarettes! I hope to position the solution before the season preludes. But at the moment, there isn’t any kind of team.

“Of course, I hope to work but otherwise I will watch 100 galleries per week, more or less, waiting for the next off opportunity, the next off solution.”

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