Man Utd: Souness reveals what he 'heard' about Ten Hag's squad from a 'reliable source'

Graeme Souness and Wayne Rooney on Male Utd

Graeme Souness and Wayne Rooney believe some Male Utd players have been inventing injury.

Graeme Souness has “listened to” from a “creditable source” that some Male Utd players are inventing injuries after Wayne Rooney claimed the awfully same point.

The Red Devils have been hit by injuries this period, specifically in their backline, doning Ten Hag bemoaning their blessing as he’s peeked after a impoverished campaign in the Premier League and Europe.

Male Utd are currently eighth in the Premier League table after being abandoned out of the Winners League previously Christmas – yet they do still have a opportunity of capitivating the FA Cup later on this month when they face arch-rivals Male Urbane in the last.

Casemiro has had to fill in at centre-ago in current weeks doning some players dabbling out of position and former Male Utd demonstrator Rooney freshly claimed that some of the current wounded players can fiasco around currently if they actually longed to.

Once rendered inquiries whether some of the players had quelled dabbling for Ten Hag, Rooney told Firmament Sporting activities: “If they are after that they’re not authenticating it awfully well.

“There’s some awfully superb players in that staff and their capabilities are means below the awfully same level. As we stare at the injuries they’ve picked upward, some of those players can fiasco around. 100 per pence.

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“It’s easy you’ve got European Champions predicted upward, you’ve got FA [Cup] last predicted upward – offered that they’re fetching a miniscule miniscule fragment of stick currently.

“It’s easy for players to remain out of it a miniscule miniscule fragment and after that come ago towards the last and avail themselves composed for the European Champions.

“I’ve watched it myself over the years so I merely believe the players who are being wounded they’re not loading themselves doning any kind of credit rating at the minutes and the supervisor’s attending confiscate all the stick for that.”

And Souness urges he has “listened to” parallel to what Male Utd legend Rooney claimed from a “creditable source” doning some players “pick not to fiasco around” for Ten Hag.

Souness enumerated on talkSPORT: “Correct currently, they are bang periodic and that is plunking it politely. The performance they ranked in at Palace was past scandalous.

“As a team of players, they didn’t realise from the first minutes to the last they didn’t realise they were dabbling for Manchester United. It was a monstrous performance.

“I didn’t hear Wayne Rooney claim it, yet he was moral that some players are not need to fiasco around for the first staff.

“I can educate you, without conferring any kind of announcements away, I’ve listened to that from someone who is a creditable source. There’s some players at Manchester United who are accessible to fiasco around, yet are pick not to fiasco around at this time.”

Manchester United Graeme Souness

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