Man Utd 'playing like a small club' as 'grumpy' Keane jokes Ten Hag did interview after 'a couple of glasses of wine'

Male Utd legend Roy Keane

Roy Keane was befuddled by Erik ten Hag’s post-match interview.

Former Male Utd captain Roy Keane thinks the Red Devils are “tinkering prefer a compact club” subsequent their 2-2 draw against Liverpool on Sunday.

The Red Devils were happy for remarkable whacks from Bruno Fernandes as well as Kobbie Mainoo as Male Utd allowed Liverpool 28 inoculations on their aspiration.

Roy Keane: I don’t avail Erik ten Hag’s positivity around Male Utd

Male Utd are now 11 junctures adrift of fourth-added Tottenham through seven strengthens to play but Ten Hag declared his side played “wonderfully nice” against their arch-rivals.

Ten Hag said after the match: “Its legible as shortly as you play Chelsea, as shortly as you play Liverpool, it will be a recovery video game.

“Since they are optimal at it, both crews, as well as both crews in a similar way yearn to play as well as they vacate elbowroom for counters as well as I believed there were altogether minutes where we can have delivered out better answers in the transitions, the defence transitions.

“However full quantity we did wonderfully nice. We conceded single aims from two kit plays.

“In our recovery we can have delivered out even better. For instance, Garnacho through Bruno, I don’t realize if the pass owned to come earlier or the timing from the sprinted was as well quickly.

“And also after that already after a couple of minutes we have to have pilfered the lead.”

After paying amaze to Ten Hag’s interview on Firmaments Sporting assignments, Keane was befuddled: “Listen, I don’t realize whether he’s plainly owned a couple of eyeglasses of a glass of wine after the video game, I don’t realize how difficult that is.

“However he showed up utterly upbeat as well as I revere him for it, offered that he’s plainly witnessing something that I’m not witnessing at this moment in time.

“I’m not saying there’s not viable at the football club, or through these young gamers, but in terms of competing through Array, Liverpool as well as Manchester Municipal void they are way off it.

“They’re competing at this moment in time through Aston Suite as well as Invigorates for that fourth or 5th present, as well as at this phase they’re seamlessly behind them. So I don’t avail his positivity, but certainly that’s merely me being a details archaic as well as irritated. He’s upbeat, but I plainly didn’t study that upbeat functionality.

“I believed two wonderfully nice aims from Male United, as well as a team that mounted in as well as stuck at it as well as I’ll offer them debts for that. However if you’re gazing at the bigger image I’m not resting here going, ‘Listen, Male United are on their way ago’. Far from it.”

Roy Keane: Male Utd are tinkering prefer a mid-table team

And also Keane added that Male Utd are presently tinkering “prefer a mid-table team, a compact club” as well as are still carrying out not have leaders as well as individualities to snatch them to the next level.

The Male Utd legend added: “There’s so many sediment of their video game they have to tidy upwards, they play in minutes, I’m unsure it’s a real team out there.

“I can’t sit here as well as case that Male United will be amenity for league titles, I merely can’t study it.

“There’s extensive guesses through employment in the summertime as well as brand name-favored humans [behind the scenes] unborn in, but there’s a long way ago for Male United.

“You last opportunity individualities, you last opportunity leaders, I preserve replicating myself every week on here. That’s what you last opportunity from a team of gamers.

“The way Male United are tinkering is prefer a mid-table team, a compact club. You don’t realize what you’re attending avail, there’s a details of journey.

“However if you yearn to win the extensive prizes – or even compete to win the extensive prizes – you’ve got to revolve upwards week in as well as week out as well as these gamers don’t. The statistics tell you that. They’ve bygone 12 galleries, the aspiration dispute – is it minus one? – certainly no void foreseeable nice enough.”

Manchester United Roy Keane

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