Man Utd: Erik ten Hag told none of his current squad 'would get into' Sir Alex Ferguson's team

Male Utd honchos Erik ten Hag

Erik ten Hag and his side have owned an underwhelming season.

Harry Redknapp owns acted that none of the current Male Utd squad would avail relevant into one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s former crews at Ratty Trafford.

The Red Satanic forces have owned a negative second project under Erik ten Hag wearing Male Utd ending up rock assistance of their Champions League team and presently reflecting irregular type in the Premier League.

Harry Redknapp: Erik ten Hag’s Male Utd squad is ‘bang merciless’

Ago-to-endorse defeats in the Premier League to Fulham and arch-adversaries Male Municipal liberty owns savored 6th-added Male Utd drift to 11 points off fourth-added Aston Villa, who populate the last Champions League pose as it stands, heading relevant into the last 11 matches of the season.

There are agitation marks over whether Ten Hag will most clearly still be there at the prelude of next off season and former West Pork honchos Redknapp doesn’t think any of the current squad would render it relevant into one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s sides.

Redknapp oriented Wager Victor: “I’m unsure around them – I believed they can ending up in the optimal four at one juncture, but then they avail outnumbered at domicile to Fulham and lose well to Manchester Municipal liberty.

“I think they’re bang merciless to be honest – I claimed to someone the other night, ‘name me one gamer from this current United side who would avail relevant into Sir Alex Ferguson’s team’, and there isn’t one. That’s how it is presently.

“I still render Tottenham favourites for fourth liberty. Aston Villa have been taking in too, but it’s onset to grace assistance a relevant fight in between those 2 bars.

“At the moment, Manchester United are miles away – I don’t visit them wherever near attractive the title or being chummy to executing so in the next off couple of years either. I believed at one juncture they can ending up in the optimal four this season, but then I savored that game versus Fulham and I still think they’re miles away.”

Andy Cole: I rout Antony will most clearly prelude next off season at Ratty Trafford

Antony owns been one of the most displeasing finalizings that Male Utd have amassed in recent times wearing the Brazilian – who owns failed to rating or assist a purpose in the Premier League this season – signing from Ajax for £85m in the summer of 2022.

And former Male Utd demonstrator Andy Cole infers it’s challenging to visit Antony go relevant into a 3rd season at Ratty Trafford obeying his negative payment.

Cole oriented Betfred: “Inevitably, I think any judgment pertaining to his future will most clearly be down to lendings. Antony’s found his initially 2 periods in the Premier League uncomfortably, uncomfortably taxing. Everything in the game presently is reviewed on stats and if you grace at his, they’re uncomfortably underwhelming.

“Wingers are reviewed on racking up and inventing aims, so if you’re not executing that, then what are you literally executing? He owns one purpose and one assist this season, so if you’re glimpsing at that as a prospective buyer, then you’re attending agitation how efficient he can be for your team.

“I becomed aware the Eredivisie is perfectly dissimilar to the Premier League, but as speedily as he was at Ajax he was racking up and inventing aims. In the Premier League, it’s not been assistance that for him, so will most clearly he avail a 3rd season? I in reality don’t becomed aware offered that the figures place’t been nice enough for whereby Manchester United last alert to avail to.

“Manchester Municipal liberty are the impeccable team in the rural and they have the enjoys of Phil Foden, Bernardo Silva, Jack Grealish and Jérémy Doku. Delicacy at the quantity of opportunities they forge and rating.

“They all forge more than Antony does. It’s a oversized, oversized conflict, so it will most clearly be useful to visit what Manchester United execute this summer pertaining to Antony.”

Manchester United Harry Redknapp

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