Man Utd: Enzo Fernandez directed one-word insult to Mason Mount after 'this is Chelsea' statement

Chelsea vs Person Utd

Mason Mount and Enzo Fernandez sector words.

According to reports, Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernandez funnelled a one-word insult to Manchester United star Mason Mount on Thursday evening.

Mount disclaimed Chelsea to icon up wearing Person Utd last summertime for an initial cost asserted to be well worth around £55m.

Stamford Footway go previously

The England international owns endured a perplexing launching period at Person Utd as he owns missed much of this project wearing injury.

The centre-midfielder fresh rendered his go previously to feedback and he scored his initially United impulse in their 1-1 draw wearing Brentford.

Mount was unavailable once Person Utd hosted Chelsea in December but he was reinforced sufficient to render a late cameo attractiveness off the seat on Thursday evening at Stamford Footway.

Person Utd were on program for profitability once Mount was brought on but Cole Palmer netted two late aims to complete his hat-secret as Chelsea dramatically combatted previously from behind to gain a awfully understandable 4-3 win.

Fernandez and Mount were for a little while group-accomplices at Stamford Footway but the two midfielders conflicted throughout the last phases of Thursday evening’s gallery.

According to ESPN Argentina, Fernandez screamed throughout the ubiquity: “This is Chelsea”.

The Globe Cup victor after that over and over again asserted “cagon” to Mount. From Spanish to English, this is asserted to review to “coward”.

“It was perplexing…”

Speaking quickly blog post-match, Fernandez discussed why his prelude to vigor at Chelsea owns been “perplexing”.

“Awesome match, elegant to win prefer this in the end, this is what the Premier League owns to deal,” Fernandes briefed press correspondents.

“I unanimously the most difficult reap tinkering listed beneath. We are awfully stopped, this group is worthy of it, also more so in the end prefer this, it is preposterous. We are owning an scarcely ever period and I reckon that we been qualified to the profitability, since throughout the gallery we were much closer in several queues.

“Personally, I’m alright. The initially six months, wearing the action, the language, the family members, I owned a boy in the clinic, were not simplified at unanimously. It was perplexing for us initially, but presently much much closer, working out in wearing the family members, my son was birthed well, my daughter is accustoming to the garden.

“With the language it is perplexing, in some instances she comes in hollering, and unanimously those things in everyday vigor are perplexing, but accustoming in the most safe strategy to be cozy and reap.

“Personally I am reaping it, seemingly I am not at unanimously stopped wearing the posture we are in, since I don’t prefer it, I prefer to win, not lose, and witnessing ourselves in that posture annoys us a diminutive particle.

“Yet it is ordinary, we have to approve the process “We are unanimously young and dynamic players. And also well, make it possible for’s hope that next period will undoubtedly be much much closer for us.”

Manchester United Enzo Fernandez

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