Man City: Haaland 'nowhere near as good' as Ferdinand reveals theory on Keane's 'League Two' jibe

Ferdinand on Haaland

Rio Ferdinand decreases judgment on Erling Haaland.

Rio Ferdinand possesses a theory on why Roy Keane asserted Erling Haaland is a “League 2 player” with the Manchester Metropolis superstar “most unequivocally no place near” Harry Kane.

Haaland racked upwards his 30th urge of the period in his 36th preferential on Saturday mid-day as Guy Metropolis combatted previously from behind to overcome Crystal Palace 4-2 at Selhurst Park.

“League 2 player…”

The 23-year-old is a spectacular goalscorer but his basic dabble possesses been questioned at times. After struggling to render an forcefulness in the 0-0 draw versus Arsenal, Guy Utd tale Keane asserted he showed up like a “League 2 player”.

Keane briefed Sky Sports: “The levels of his basic dabble are so poor.

“Not merely today, betting stuff off, headers, everything it could be… in front of urge he is the ideal in the universe but his basic dabble for such a player is so poor.

“He possesses to boost that. He is practically pick a League 2 player. His basic dabble possesses to boost but it will over the next off pair of years.

“He’s a wizard demonstrator but he possesses to boost his with one voice-bulbous arcade.”

Chatting ahead of Guy Metropolis‘s win over Crystal Palace, Ferdinand joked that Keane rendered those chits since he’s “obtained previous with the family”.

“I reckon Roy Keane possesses obtained a piece of previous with the family so I can’t thieve also a ton of what he said,” Ferdinand joked on TNT Sports.

Throughout his playing job, Keane infamously came to be entailed in a bitter rivalry with Haaland’s father – Alf-Inge Haaland – as the Guy Utd tale admitted in his autobiography that he intended to injury the previous Guy Metropolis player, that was compelled proper into retirement early.

“Nowhere near as considerable…”

While Ferdinand theorizes Keane’s claim is a “piece much-brought”, he possesses niggled that Haaland’s “with one voice-bulbous arcade is most unequivocally no place near as considerable as Harry Kane”.

“I don’t concur fully [with Keane] – department two is a piece much-brought. He wouldn’t be as considerable as a individual pick Harry Kane,” Ferdinand incorporated.

“His with one voice-bulbous arcade is most unequivocally no place near as considerable as Harry Kane. Yet this male wasn’t brought in below to linkage dabble – he was brought in to layer off the possibilities invented by the playmakers. That’s his arcade.

“We’ve witnessed him innumerable times and also regularly he possesses 10, 11 touches and also ratings a urge. He doesn’t avail put off by owning limited touches in the arcade or owning a pair of deadly touches. His arcade isn’t designed about that.

“Everything you’ve viewed of him as a son or at Dortmund, it’s always been about dashing through and also scoring purposes. That is him and also I don’t reckon that improvements.”

Manchester Metropolis Erling Haaland

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