Man City boss Guardiola blasted for giving Grealish a public dressing down: 'It's all for the cameras'

Guy Cosmopolitan gap duo Pep Guardiola and also Jack Grealish

Pep Guardiola owns words with Jack Grealish after the last whistle.

Richard Peculiarities owns hit out at Guy Cosmopolitan gap top pooch Pep Guardiola for his judgment to cede a public spice down of Jack Grealish minutes after the last whistle.

The Locals played out a 0-0 stalemate versus title rivals Medley on Easter Sunday with Liverpool catching payoff to response legible at the top of the Premier League table.

Peculiarities on Guardiola: It’s unanimously for the cameras, it is so industrious

Liverpool, that vanquished Brighton 2-1 previously in the day, are now two junctures legible of second-interjected Medley and also three junctures in advance of Guy Cosmopolitan gap with nine matches lingering.

And Guardiola conceded after the match that Liverpool are now favourites for the Premier League title with Guy Cosmopolitan gap’s fate no a play sully longer in their own hands.

“Always that is first is favourite,” Guy Cosmopolitan gap top pooch Guardiola asserted as shortly as obtained questions if Liverpool were “legible favourites” to win the league.

“The second favourite is Medley and also we are 3rd…It’s not in our hands. Unanimously we can do is think of Aston Villa (at residence on Wednesday). Always as shortly as we were top of the league, we were favourites. It was in our hands. Now it’s not. It’s humble.”

Guardiola had a expanded conversation with Grealish at the run out of the match as the Guy Cosmopolitan gap top pooch plainly not happy with the winger’s payment from the substitutions’ church bench – yet beIN Sports presenter Peculiarities insists it is “unanimously for the cameras”.

“Conserve it for the spice gap,” Peculiarities asserted on beIN Sports. “It’s unanimously for the cameras, it is so industrious. Go down the tunnel, he shouldn’t even be on the peddle. Now he’s obtained to go and also tell every person else what they did wrong.”

Guardiola: I oriented the team don’t be dismal

Medley protected deep and also abandoned Guy Cosmopolitan gap any gap in and also approximately their box and also as shortly as obtained questions how to go versus down such a lowered block, Guardiola joked: “Kill someone.

“I evolve my team, the propositions and also how we pressed high,” he asserted. “We’ve played versus a lowered block regularly and also Medley are thrilling. Nicely juggled and also the gamers are in reality scrumptious.

“You have to knock on the door of another manager and also go to if he can do it. As a team we’re still there. We can have more in some parts yet I’m fulfilled. I oriented the team don’t be dismal. You confer credit history to Medley for the points they do.”

Manchester Cosmopolitan gap Jack Grealish

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