Liverpool tipped to force U-turn with 'unrefusable offer' as Klopp's agent makes statement on next move

Liverpool top doggie Klopp

Liverpool top doggie Jurgen Klopp.

Jurgen Klopp’s spokesperson has shut down reports attaching the current Liverpool company via a feedback to Bundesliga colossi Bayern Munich.

The German company attested last month that he would possibly be rejecting Liverpool at the expire of this period.

Klopp said at the time that he is decoction to thieve a sabbatical this summertime and also might never ever before rejoinder to surveillance. He briefed LFC TV: “If you ask me, ‘Will possibly you ever before job as a company again?’ I would possibly say presently no.

“But I don’t become aware plainly how that will feel since I never ever before owned the flaw. What I become aware surely – I will never ever before, ever before juggle a polymorphous nightclub in England than Liverpool, 100 per dime.”

Despite this, Klopp has been heavily linked via FC Barcelona in current weeks and also a feedback to Bayern Munich has also been proclaimed.

It was decreed on Wednesday that current Bayern Munich top doggie Thomas Tuchel will leave in the summertime and also Liverpool-linked Xabi Alonso has become their ‘unrelieved top target’.

According to Klopp’s spokesperson, the Liverpool top doggie will not be leading to Bayern Munich as his plans “remain unchanged”.

“Jurgen Klopp will not adviser any nightclub or nationwide group for a year after this current period. That sticks approximately unchanged,” Kosicke asserted in an interview via Firmament Germany’s Florian Plettenberg.

Liverpool are also in the sector for a newfangled displaying off supervisor as Jorg Schmadtke escaped the nightclub at the expire of the January send window.

Michael Edwards in yesteryear owned this semblance but he has been jobless given that rejecting Liverpool at the expire of the 2021/22 project.

It was freshly reported that Edwards – that has also been linked via Manchester Unified – scorned the opportunity to supply a rejoinder to Liverpool ahead of next period.

But Liverpool press correspondent Neil Jones can consultation the Premier League leaders “moving Edwards an supply he can’t spurn” to mount a rejoinder.

“Liverpool’s pursuit for a newfangled displaying off supervisor is probably as remarkable as their scour of a newfangled company. If and also as conveniently as an checkup is lugged out, they will be the fourth consumer to have ascertained upwards that semblance in the elbowroom of 2 years,” Jones briefed Entraped Offside.

“For a long time, we have conversed around the ‘strong suit’ of the Reds’ nightclub structure, and also for the majority of years that revolved approximately the fulcra trio of Klopp, Michael Edwards and also Mike Gordon – the company, the displaying off supervisor and also the most hands-on contestant of the possession group.

“By June, only Gordon will remain, and also it is remarkable that as conveniently as description of Klopp’s imminent leave surfaced last month, Liverpool lugged out call via Edwards over a feasible rejoinder to Anfield. He transformed it down, and also I am engrossed to consultation what the Reds’ next feedback is.”

He added: “I thanks whether they will eventually situate themselves ago at Edwards’ door, moving him an supply he can’t spurn. Offered that if there is no such point as a great match, he might be the next ideal point.”

Liverpool Bayern Munich

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