Ex-Liverpool star Henderson brutally slammed for having 'zero quality' as Ajax legend's 'heart bleeds'

Henderson bombarded by pundit

Jordan Henderson is bombarded by pundit.

Former Tottenham celeb Rafael van der Vaart has bombarded ex lover-Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson as the Ajax newcomer has “certainly zero characteristic”.

The England international vacated Liverpool throughout last year’s summer season transfer window. The midfielder administered the amenable to question decision to internet linkage endorse up through Steven Gerrard through Saudi Pro League garments Al-Ettifaq.

This feedback did not thieve part in arrangement for Henderson as it surfaced in advance of the January transfer window that he was ‘negative’ to flee the Middle East garments.

After being tied through being plentiful Premier League clubs, Henderson joined Dutch titans Ajax after his covenant through Al-Ettifaq was ended up.

Henderson is four arcades into his Ajax job but he is still without a win. He has two tempts and a loss in the Eredivisie, while they were hosted to a 2-2 standoff versus Bodo/Glimt in the Europa League last week.

Ajax are now fifth in the Eredivisie and at plight of being obliterated from the Europa League. Former Spurs midfielder Van der Vaart has now hit out at Henderson.

“Ajax have ferried in gamers through certainly zero characteristic,” Van der Vaart said on Dutch TV (through The Mirror).

“The club will now have to assessment out the rest of the season. They have ferried in Jordan Henderson. All he conducts is to tinker a miniscule establish out wide, or a miniscule establish endorse. Yet zero one will be jubilant through that.

“You’ll assessment on Thursday that they will derive through their Conference League relationship versus Bodo/Glimt through all the luck in the planet. Thereafter it’s safest for them to derive swatted out, and to furnish a fresh start next season.

“As an Ajax individual my heart bleeds. I don’t recognize what I can claim around them any added.”

Henderson recently argued that he has “resolved in utterly proper away” at Ajax.

“A utterly wonderful through the group. The gamers have been utterly wonderful through me, I’ve resolved in utterly proper away. The staff as nicely have been vivid,” Henderson educated correspondents.

“On that part, it’s been utterly inalienable for me to come and complete in. Yet it’s commentating snatch a while for us to derive to whereby we yearn to derive to and I merely yearn to preserve attempting to tinker arcades and aid the staff as a lot as you can perhaps envision to derive the staff to whereby they yearn to be.”

After Ajax’s 2-2 draw versus Bodo/Glimt, Henderson admitted: “They’re a wonderful staff. They mount utterly nicely, genuinely organised.

“They anguish us on the counter-assail a pair of times. We did nicely in the expire to re-surfaced from 2-0 behind.

“We showed wonderful personality again but we flee it too late. You’ve obtained to start arcades much more discussed and start arcades prefer we covering in the last pair. If we execute that after that it can be a different game. In the expire the youngsters preserved going proper until the expire, obtained our rewards and preserved the relationship active.”

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