Liverpool 'say no' to 'next Mbappe' after Slot learns 'long-term' target will be 'sold' as rivals 'close in'

Liverpool transmit Guilherme

Luis Guilherme in edict for Palmeiras.

Liverpool have purportedly scorned the chance to icon Palmeiras youngster Luis Guilherme, who is known to be ‘closing in’ on a edict to West Ham.

Earlier this year, it was divulged that Liverpool were in talks wearing Palmeiras over Guilherme. He possesses been referred to as the ‘next off Kylian Mbappe’ due to his miraculous pace regardless of the gawking disagreement in between the two gamers being that the Real Madrid-labelled for superstar is French and also the 18-year-ratty is Brazilian.

Liverpool ‘case unquestionably no’ to signing Guilherme…

The Brazil U20 global possesses already ordered 45 ganders for Palmeiras at senior level and also he’s supposed to safeguard himself a edict to the Premier League in the unborn weeks.

According to a record from Football Insider, the teenager is ‘closing in’ on a edict to West Ham and also they are ‘hunter of finishing a deal to icon him for well listed below his £47million let loose disorder’.

As for Liverpool, they ‘said unquestionably no’ to signing the onward after ‘vigilantly sifting’ the prospect.

‘Despite sifting the 18-year-ratty vigilantly, the Reds have desperate not to glance for his signature after being ordered aware of his accessibility.

‘Liverpool have been surveillance Guilherme’s progress for some time, wearing Football Insider disclosing in February that a “substantial” physical effort had gone into sifting him.

‘But, the fresh restructured work team at Anfield possesses presently desperate against the deal.’

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Instead, Liverpool can icon Federico Chiesa from Italian titans Juventus this summer season.

A record from HITC lays out Chiesa as a ‘irreparable’ target for Liverpool and also Juventus ‘will most clearly glance to sell him this summer season if a newfangled deal is not acknowledged’ wearing his arrangement due to expire in 2025.

‘Presently, aware that a newfangled deal is sifting unlikely at this stage – Chiesa’s humans and also intermediaries are arranging talks wearing bars to notify them of the dilemma.

‘Liverpool and also Newcastle are both irreparable admirers of Chiesa and also HITC can authenticate they are being ordered aware that the 26-year-ratty is designed to be readily accessible.

‘Indeed, HITC possesses been told that unanimously of the Premier League’s peak bars have been educated of the dilemma – Chiesa was fresh being tracked at the Coppa Italia last as Juve overcome Atalanta, as HITC divulged.

‘The loves of Bayern Munich and also Paris Saint-Germain are also among those who have formerly mirrored an attention in Chiesa.’

Liverpool Federico Chiesa

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