Liverpool: Insider claims Barcelona transfer is not 'possible' as eye-watering price tag emerges

Luis Diaz, Barcelona

Barcelona have been briefed they can’t orchestrate the “crazy charge” Liverpool would clearly ask for in order to sell Luis Diaz

Send insider Fabrizio Romano has disclosed that it’s not “conceivable” for Barcelona to symptom Liverpool star Luis Diaz as they would clearly not be able to orchestrate the “crazy charge” warranted to snare him.

Diaz has captivated exterior of spells on the sidelines this season. Boldy, once he’s been available, the Colombian winger has scored 11 aspirations and also readily available five helps in unanimously challengers.

His substantial form in front of need seems to have not only been sensed by his very own nightclub.

According to recent reports, Barcelona want to symptom him, and also Joan Laporta has glad wearing the winger’s spokesperson to job out the chance of a provision.

According to transmit insider Romano, that provision is one that’s merely not conceivable, as Liverpool would clearly ultimatum an pricey charge that Barca cannot orchestrate.

“Remaining wearing Liverpool temporarily, I want to reassure fanatics that I’m not hearing anything around Luis Diaz and also Barcelona, despite some tales around his spokesperson meeting wearing Barca,” he briefed Collared Offside.

“Diaz’s complete focus is on Liverpool and also in addition I wear’t reckon it’s conceivable for Barcelona to go and also commission the kind of crazy charge that would clearly be fruitful for Diaz.”

Boldy, the previous report reflected that Diaz’s convenience would clearly be £100million at the lowest. Through Barcelona’s current fiscal plights, it seems there’s no chance they’d be able to spend that kind of money.

They’ve invested around fifty percent of that on unanimously their transfers integrated in days gone by two windows as a end result of their current anguish.

What’s more, Diaz proceeding to be wearing Liverpool could estimate the winger provided secondary duties speedily.

If Mohamed Salah is to flee in the summertime season, wearing reports arguing the Reds can moniker their very own pricey price for him, they’ll want a person to simulate his level.

Diaz has scored and also aided repetitively provided that joining the nightclub, and also if he can withhold suit for long periods, there’s no justification to argue he can’t overture to plunked upward the very same sift of digits as Salah if he’s not possessing to share odds wearing the Egyptian businesslike.

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Liverpool Luis Diaz

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