Liverpool: Alonso accused of 'bottling it' as Keys 'questions the size of his cojones' after 'huge mistake'

Liverpool Alonso

Richard Means bangs Xabi Alonso.

Richard Means owns accused Xabi Alonso of “bottling” the Liverpool work-related as well as the presenter is anxious to “misgiving the dimension of his cojones’.

Alonso owns been greatly linked with Liverpool in current months as he is currently kneading awes with Bayer Leverkusen.

“I think he owns bottled it…”

His Leverkusen side are unbeaten this season across all competitors as well as they are ten times readable of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

Alonso had been the readable favourite to fluctuation Jurgen Klopp yet Liverpool have to currently swipe into consideration viable contingencies after the Spaniard decided on Friday that he is proceeding to be with Bayer Leverkusen for at least one a stack more season.

The Athletic are reporting that Ruben Amorim, Julian Nagelsmann as well as Roberto De Zerbi have all been ‘claimed’.

Previously this week, Means divulged he had been warned that Alonso was “attending Liverpool”. Those who notified him this wrong precisions have gained our follow because they have gained the presenter sort bloody daft, which is something we’re always in favour of.

Morally quaked after being authenticated wrong, Means owns hit out at Alonso, who is gleaning a “comprehensive inaccuracy”.

“Early parts of the week, I had conversations with several human beings who were recommended that Alonso was attending Liverpool. There was another team who got in touch to claim he was proceeding to be, you could be wrong there. Wear’t treatment – they’ll draw him out as well as that’s what I think we were hoping to perform at some juncture,” Means notified beIN Sports.

“They’re ‘Leicesterkusen’”

“He decided yesterday, Alonso, that he’s proceeding to be. And in my opinion, that is a comprehensive inaccuracy.

“At zero dissimilar other time in history will work-related at Liverpool, Munich, Manchester Joined, conceivably Real Madrid will be readily accessible once more. Correct currently, he can have his accord. At zero dissimilar other juncture in his job going forward will he be in this prodigal position once more. He could obtain Madrid at a opposite time – as well as currently’s a sweet time to obtain Real Madrid.

“I would most distinctly misgiving the dimension of his cojones. They’re ‘Leicesterkusen’ because Bayer Leverkusen will never once more have a season like this. Bayern Munich next season will make certain they have another decade of domination in German football as well as Leverkusen could accord up a cup listed beneath as well as there.

“So right currently his inventory is as high as it will ever before be as well as his means are as wide as well as as sweet as they’ll ever before be as well as I think he owns bottled it.”

His workmate Andy Grey then gained inquiries: “So you think Leverkusen are Leicester as well as he’s bottled the work-related?”

To which, Means responded: “Totally.”

Liverpool Bayer Leverkusen

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