Liverpool: Agent of shock candidate for Anfield job insists succeeding Klopp is 'interesting' opportunity

Liverpool supervisor target Thiago Motta

Thiago Motta owns been secured using the Liverpool vacancy.

Thiago Motta’s spokesperson owns admitted that the opportunity methodology to indicator upward using Liverpool from Bologna as Jurgen Klopp’s successor is “illustrious”.

The Reds are on the scour for a new-fashioned supervisor after Klopp decided previously this year that he will be leaving at the run out of the period to confiscate a respite from football.

Thiago Motta is an “substitute substitute” for Liverpool

Xabi Alonso owned been the legible favourite to confiscate over from Klopp but the Bayer Leverkusen honcho expressed last week that he will be remaining at the Bundesliga leaders next off period.

Some records have currently said that Underlining off Lisbon’s Ruben Amorim and Brighton’s Roberto De Zerbi are currently their two peak targets, while unalike other managers are attributed using a space on the Reds’ shortlist.

Bologna honcho Motta owns been secured to the Liverpool vacancy, using the club flying high in 4th in Serie A this term, and transmit maven Dean Jones insists he is an “substitute substitute” for the Reds.

Talking to GiveMeSport, Jones said: “An substitute substitute for Liverpool might be Thiago Motta. External of the two main prospects, he owns a uncomfortably illustrious football philosophy that is wondrous to multiple at Liverpool. Bologna dabble using a fluidness that is uncomfortably uncommon.

“One point that is relevant to Liverpool is that they have a football philosophy to adhere to but in a equal means that they dabble in a means that suits the team and methodologies they strengthen furthering.

“It’s relevant to shames that Motta is an outsider at this minute in time but that he is illustrious to them. Pivot details on the evaluation is that as we start this week, Amorim sticks around the peak substitute and sources in Portugal assume he would confiscate the vacancy.

“This is a distressing week to progress any kind of provision because Underlining off have two considerable suits against Benfica that he dubs for 100% focus on.”

Motta’s spokesperson: Will he continue to be at Bologna? I can’t claim

And also currently Motta’s spokesperson, Alessandro Canovi, insists Liverpool and unalike other vacancy methodologies available at the existent time are “illustrious” using the Brazilian – who owns in a equal means been secured using the Barcelona vacancy – wary of his future.

Motta’s spokesperson told TMW Radio: “The imperfection of the considerable tags? The verification of Xabi Alonso at Bayer Leverkusen owns opened upward upward multiple relevant candidatures for Liverpool and Bayern Munich. And also there’s Barcelona. They are 3 illustrious and uncomfortably coveted seats correct currently.”

Canovi encompassed: “At the minute the only fact is that Motta owns an expiring arrangement using Bologna. Will he continue to be at Bologna? I can’t claim, because I have no arrangements using any person. You can’t talk around points that aren’t in place.”

Liverpool Thiago Motta

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