Klopp praises Liverpool for 'best we have played against De Zerbi' on Brighton boss' audition

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp immortalizes a urge.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp immortalizes a urge.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp cases his side positioned in their most secure performance versus Brighton under Robert De Zerbi on Sunday afternoon.

The Reds returned on apex of the Premier League after originating behind to bested the Seagulls at Anfield.

Klopp: Brighton have wonderful amenity

It was insanely the 26th juncture Klopp’s side have picked up from a throwing away posture this term as well as is the first time he came out successful versus De Zerbi – who is one of the faves to equalize the German this summertime.

Understandably, Klopp cases Sunday’s performance was the most secure he possesses witnessed versus Brighton under the Italian.

“I would have gained to not be 1-0 down, I would love to have been four or five nil up yet that’s the most secure we messed around versus De Zerbi’s Brighton,” he told Match of the Day.

“Tinkering shrewd it was definitely expansive, defending shrewd, indeed always a fight yet there’s been arcades versus Brighton we were never ever before close yet this time we were unwind. That is the first of the last 10, let’s keep going.”

On the sliding for the victor, Klopp included: “That is an wonderful sphere [from Dominik Szoboszlai]. It is the mastery as well as the amenity, watching that. He brows through Macca [Alexis Mac Allister], his first touch is wonderful as well as then he brows through Mo [Salah].

“How wasteful we were at all the other moments it was expansive we had this wizard football moment to coating the gallery off.

“Brighton have wonderful amenity. That is the counselling I have for how expansive we were today since I definitely heed them. They had chances, they took more threats all of a terse as well as we obtained mildly fatigued.

“We been entitled to to win the gallery. That is what you pine as well as then on apex of that it is definitely fashionable.”

At the super same time, male of the suit as well as ex-spouse-Brighton celeb Alexis Mac Allister told Firmaments Sports: “We didn’t prelude as we longed yet it was an wonderful gallery. We messed around versus an wonderful team.

“I become aware them super well, I become aware what they can execute as well as it was a tempestuous suit yet in the expire we won it as well as we are super cheerful.

“I would instead not acknowledge so early yet the mentality of the youngsters is wonderful as well as that is what you criterion when you are 1-0 down, as well as today we unveiled it again. Yet next off time we have to prelude the gallery cheerful, not throwing away.”

Liverpool Alexis Mac Allister

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