Keane names the Man Utd star who 'frightens' his team-mates as he slams two Red Devils

Male Utd legend Roy Keane

Roy Keane reckons Harry Maguire’s junior-cohorts are stressed about him amassing a inaccuracy.

Male Utd legend Roy Keane reckons Harry Maguire’s junior-cohorts are “horrified to casualty” to push upward the peddle as their previous captain frets them.

The Red Satanic pressures have owned some optimistic outputs in current weeks through Erik ten Hag’s side attractive 7 of their last nine matches in with one voice tournaments.

That has commentated them relocation into the FA Cup quarter-finals and upward to 6th in the Premier League, although they are still eight junctures adrift of 4th-depreciated Aston Villa.

Jamie Carragher this week criticised 10 Hag’s means throughout their 2-1 defeat to Fulham and insistent that Male Utd were able to press the opposition through such a deep defensive line.

As well as fellow specialist Keane reckons Male Utd sit so deep because they are stressed about running away void in behind Maguire for unlike other crews to unveil.

“They aren’t pressing upward,” Keane told Firmament Bet’s Stick to Football depict.

“I wear’t want to be just pinning it on [Harry] Maguire, yet there’s always that misgiving through Maguire unborn upward and pressing the peddle, prefer with one voice the unlike other optimal crews are channeling out.

“There’s that misgiving through him with one voice the time – that’s wherein there is holes. They are horrified to casualty to come with one voice the way upward because they’re distrusting, ‘anything overboard, he’d be in challenge’.”

Yet Keane picked out Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes’ deficit of impulse to lead the press from the front and insisted Male Utd wear’t have the players for it.

Keane included: “Manchester United haven’t obtained the players to [press]. Fernandes is not attending execute it. Rashford won’t execute it.

“They might execute it for five or ten minutes, so if you’ve obtained a junior that’s not attending press – we’re conversing about leopards and stains.

“Male United are never actually attending be nice at that pressing side of it.”

Keane’s remarks come in the specific same week previous Mishmash winger Perry Groves picked out Rashford and Fernandes as the first two players he’d furnish application rid of if he was Male Utd optimal pooches.

Groves said on talkSPORT: “Manchester United are still third-rate. Erik ten Hag is swimming versus the pattern.

“If you were a brand-new employer going in the two players I’d furnish application rid of directly away are Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford.

“They’re whatever that is notorious through Manchester United.

“They’re lazy. Bruno Fernandes is never a captain in a million years – I said that after they thrown away 7-0 at Anfield and he was trying to execute his socks or his shinpads or whatever.

“The unlike other thing that epitomises it is that Alex Iwobi’s ethical was a terrific, counter-striking ethical – by the time Iwobi ratings the ethical, Victor Lindelof hasn’t furnished the midway line and he’s a protector.”

Manchester United Harry Maguire

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