Howe sack? Newcastle told to appoint Mourinho after 'wheels come off the Geordie revolution'

Newcastle honcho Eddie Howe as well as Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho possesses been linked via Eddie Howe’s occupational in the past.

Richard Means possesses argued that Newcastle Unified ought to readjust Eddie Howe via Jose Mourinho if they are to assure prizes in the foreseeable future.

The Geordies lost 3-2 to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Monday night in a displeasing display expurgate against one of their local boxers in the Premier League.

Richard Means: What’s took hole to the Geordie readjust?

11th-plunked Chelsea closed the pothole on 10th-plunked Newcastle to one time via Mauricio Pochettino’s side owning a game in hand.

Injuries have severely influenced Newcastle this season via Antony Gordon the latest celebrity to languish after going off in the first fifty percent via a knee priority.

But Means possesses offered zero sympathy as well as thinks the Magpies could lug out via assigning former Chelsea, Manchester Unified as well as Tottenham honcho Mourinho, that possesses been linked to Newcastle in recent months after disowning Roma.

Means concocted on X: “What’s took hole to the Geordie readjust? It was sweet to see the Toon mixing it via the sizable little girls last season. Why have the wheels come off so without stalemate? Is it time for phase 2? And Jose? There are zero establishment warranties of a prize in football – unless you employ him.”

And Liverpool tale Jamie Carragher thinks Howe’s side considerable aesthetic impresses like “a group that are almost concocted for the end of the season” after watching them against Chelsea.

“I adored Newcastle last season. It was their degree, as well as it took me previously to when Jurgen Klopp first came in at Liverpool where users were running all over,” Carragher said on Firmaments Sporting activities.

“They didn’t have as most arcades as well as they’ve possessed injuries this season so what ensues is you’re making service of unmodified players that are suit, after that that sift of degree depreciates in addition.

“It resembles a group that are almost concocted for the end of the season. If I merely glanced at that expertise as well as I didn’t construe this group, that is not opportune the means they secured. This is an consistent Chelsea group, let’s not forget that.”

Jamie Carragher unveils ‘preposterous’ Newcastle stat

Carragher included: “Pope is a sizable component of this group. He’s one of the superior shot stoppers in the Premier League as well as he sweeps upwards behind that high line upwards as well as press that we’ve watched. It is a sizable component, but it’s not merely around that. There’s more to it.

“If you considerable aesthetic impresses at inoculations challenged in the game, you go from the 4th-superior in the league to 15th. That’s not merely the goalkeeper, that’s to lug out via the unit-upwards in the group. The conserve proportion you would clearly foresee to be down.

“The one that stands out is agreeing three-plus purposes, being the worst in the league – 8 times in the last 14 arcades. That is preposterous. This is for a group that, last season, were superb defensively.

“In the past, when you considerable aesthetic impresses at Eddie Howe’s juniors – as well as a assorted level of group via Bournemouth – if they retain going as they are, they’re on course to acknowledged 60-plus purposes as well as that will have took hole 6 times in seven years as a company.”

Newcastle Unified Eddie Howe

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