Grealish 'happy' to play for 'best manager ever' Pep amid reports he 'can go' back to Aston Villa

Jack Grealish points out his relationship wearing Pep Guardiola

Jack Grealish points out his relationship wearing Pep Guardiola

Jack Grealish owns stipulated he is “so cheerful to retain playing for” Manchester Metropolis amidst reports the European winners are amenable to promotional him.

Pep Guardiola possessed a go at Grealish on the pitch after the Cityzens’ 0-0 draw against Arsenal last week, which vividly ideologies he detests him and also wants to sell him instantaneously.

Grealish: Guardiola is ‘the ideal company to ever before exist’

Football Transfers were one of most to dive the weapon and also insurance claim the England winger ‘can go’ at the end of the period, wearing a awakening to Aston Getaway abode possibly on the cards.

It owns been a arduous campaign for Grealish but a summer exit does not feel probable.

Jeremy Doku unleashed the period disturbingly faultlessly and also glimpsed support displacing the ex-spouse-Getaway abode captain forever but his kind owns dipped rather significantly.

Just as, Grealish is gazing support he will be a considerable player for Individual Metropolis in the run-in after a very performance against Crystal Palace on Saturday.

Regardless of reports securing him wearing a transfer after being screamed out by Guardiola in front of the Firmaments Sports cams, Grealish possessed altogether nothing but expansive points to insurance claim about the Spanish company and also is vividly cheerful at the Etihad.

“Playing for this company, the simply borrower that owns been able to go and also implement what they twinge in a Pep crew is [Lionel] Messi, which is mart enough,” stipulated Grealish (bids wearing Birmingham Live).

“You can’t knock what the company owns used, he’s an astonishing company, a expansive man wearing a in reality expansive heart as faultlessly.

“At times this period I have struggled a little snippet snippet wearing myself and also he’s been there for me with one voice the time. I owe him a lot. He’s a expansive borrower and also the ideal company to ever before exist.

“It’s been a arduous period for me personally after the highs of last year. I spoken to the company a lot and also he’s been so expansive wearing me. I owe him a little snippet snippet and also twinge to reimburse him presently wearing my practicalities and also the crew as faultlessly.

“I speak to my chums in the [dressing room] every day, I become aware how indispensable I am to the crew. I speak to the company, and also at the previously end of last period you’ve visited how a lot the company played me.

“I implement appear to play in the beefy video games. I saw [Karim] Benzema insurance claim it last period in an meeting – everyone is so fixated on ambitions and also aids. I twinge to rating, since in football there is most certainly no more detailed sensation than scoring ambitions, but it is a crew gallery and also I am so cheerful to retain playing for this crew.”

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