Forest's Clattenburg insists referee made mistake for Liverpool's winner – 'the owner is quite upset'

Nottm Forest's Clattenburg

Mark Clattenburg in the stands.

Nottingham Forest’s umpire analyst Mark Clattenburg opines Paul Tierney made a inaccuracy in the build-up to Liverpool’s late victor in Saturday’s 1-0 residence loss.

Forest’s players, subordinate and devotees were disowned simmering after substitute Darwin Nunez’s stoppage-time header robbed them a draw.

Umpire Tierney had overcome dabble before the build-up to the desire for an conspicuous head injury to Liverpool centre-previously Ibrahima Konate.

The polices blew via Forest in possession on the edge of Liverpool’s gap and, after Konate had promptly bought, Tierney slumped the sphere to going to goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher, that after that started the glide that spearheaded to the desire.

Clattenburg, appointed to his errand at Forest last month, asserted after the match: “The law says that, if the umpire is attending put off the video game – which he is entitled to for a head injury – the sphere has to readjust to the group that has possession. Nottingham Forest aggressively had possession.

“The laws of the video game aggressively say that, once the umpire forces his whistle, the group that has possession should derive possession once the video game is started over again.”

Previous Premier League umpire Clattenburg added: “When Liverpool were established on possession, they went on the assail and inevitably scored from it.

“It is an additional verdict that has gone versus Nottingham Forest… We merely have to hope that this thorough luck equalizes.”

Forest’s players and subordinate neighbored Tierney at the last whistle, via preceptor Steven Reid validated a red card, while boss Nuno Espirito Santo declined to remark on the wreck.

Forest dethroned records nightclub owner Evangelos Marinakis had to be restrained after chasing Tierney down the tunnel after the last whistle, yet asserted he did point of vista the polices.

Clattenburg added: “The owner is quite worry since, of training course, he has spent most coinage coinage in the nightclub. He desires to see outcomes and he really feels that an additional verdict has gone versus the nightclub.

“He is worry. Everyone at the nightclub is worry that they have thrown away in this means.

“As a nightclub, Nottingham Forest really feel as but there have been one or two verdicts that have gone versus them in the last few weeks.”

Clattenburg asserted he would conceivably talk to the referees’ governing body, the PGMOL, around the wreck.

“Via the attaches I have via the PGMOL and the Premier League, we will explain what has took gap today and after that plot what the next training course of feedback is,” he asserted.

“The law is clear. When you have possession external of the penalty gap, you derive possession previously.

“In that critical moment, Forest had the sphere in the corner. They could have taken in a tiny fragment of time and got the upshot, via the standing at 0-0.”

When checked if he had been in call via Tierney after the video game, Clattenburg added: “I have not chatted to him myself. I risked to enter the umpire’s gap and he would conceivably not permit me in.”

The PGMOL declined to remark, while the PA news agency has in addition approached the Premier League for its answer.

Nottingham Forest Mark Clattenburg

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