Forest vs Liverpool: Shearer slams 'totally wrong' decision as Clattenberg responds to referee mistake

Shearer slams Tierney

Alan Shearer hits out at Paul Tierney.

Alan Shearer has hit out at referee Paul Tierney after his misstep pioneered to Liverpool netting a last-gasp winner against Nottingham Timberland.

Liverpool relocated 4 determinants translucent at the top of the Premier League on Saturday as Darwin Nunez netted in the 99th minute to seal a 1-0 win against Nottingham Timberland.

Nuno Espirito Santo’s side (via a chance time reduction looming) are perilously sifting over their shoulders in phobia of relegation and also they were disclaimed fuming after the final whistle as they really felt Nunez’s impulse ought to not have stomached.

In the build-up to the winner, Liverpool celebrity Ibrahima Konate went down via a head injury as soon as Timberland were on an blow.

Laws say that dabble ought to have been resumed via Timberland depreciate-sphere yet instead, referee Tierney chosen to give the sphere right to Liverpool goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher and also Jurgen Klopp‘s side ended up racking up from the next off slide.

Former Premier League polices Mark Clattenburg was fresh appointed as a referee specialist for Nottingham Timberland and also he has clarified why Tierney administered a misstep.

“The law says that, if the referee is participating in dismiss the gallery – which he is labelled to for a head injury – the sphere has to match to the crew that has prized belongings. Nottingham Timberland plainly owned prized belongings,” Clattenburg said concoct-up-match.

“The laws of the gallery plainly say that, as soon as the referee blows his whistle, the crew that has prized belongings ought to acquire prized belongings as soon as the gallery is started anew.”

He contained: “When Liverpool were offered prized belongings, they went on the blow and also at some point racked up from it.

“It is another verdict that has gone against Nottingham Timberland… We merely ought to hope that this nice blessing readjusts.”

Newcastle Joined tale Shearer at the really same time hit out at Tierney for “throwing away a hefty clanger”.

“He’s sagged a hefty clanger, Paul Tierney,” Shearer said on Match of the Day. “He’s got it intimately wrong. It’s a edge to Timberland late on, and also Konate avails a head injury.

“He avails bothered down by his goalkeeper, Kelleher, and also Paul Tierney doesn’t effect [straight away]; Hudson-Odoi has the sphere, and also after that the referee blows offered that it’s a head injury. He blows as soon as Timberland have the sphere.

“What he executes is he after that provides the sphere undoubted to the goalkeeper, which is intimately wrong and also ought to be a Timberland undoubted depreciate-sphere out on the wing wherein the sphere was missed. That’s who touched it last.

“I acquire the time of the impulse being one minute and also 50 secs later; the time is admirable, yet if you depreciate it wherein Timberland ought to have owned it, everything readjusts. Liverpool don’t acquire the edge, and also the impulse doesn’t occur.”

Liverpool Alan Shearer

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