'Fact' Dragusin never 'got an offer from Bayern' as new Tottenham man branded 'arrogant'

Radu Dragusin, Bayern Munich

Radu Dragusin apparently did not have an bargain from Bayern Munich in January

Former Romanian footballer Marcel Raducanu owns clarified how Radu Dragusin “didn’t retrieve an bargain from Bayern” and also if he did he was “arrogant” not to embrace it.

Dragusin’s future was one of the biggest speaking junctures in a slightly slow-sliding January transmit residence window across Europe. He was on Tottenham’s radar for a while, via Ange Postecoglou despondent to hire a brand name-sizeable centre-recommend.

It took a while for them to come to an arrangement via Genoa, and also as that took stoppage, Bayern Munich apparently came in via an bargain that would analyze the wages that he would lug out in north London enhanced.

Yet he transformed them down in favour of honouring his arrangement via Spurs, a judgment his agent refuted himself, proclaiming they were “mind blown” that they’d eased Bayern.

Yet former Romanian football Raducanu owns refuted he implements not believe Bayern posed an bargain to him at all, and also if they did, Dragusin is arrogant for not confiscating it.

“Let’s be adage! He didn’t have any kind of bargains. Bayern, if they yearn a player, they thieve him without standoff. We’re not proclaiming it. Those were rumours, rumor,” Raducanu told Radio Romania Actualitati.

“I realise for a reality he didn’t retrieve an bargain from Bayern. Or if he did, which I don’t believe he did, he’s either arrogant or uninstructed. How can you ridicule Bayern? You can’t. It’s impossible, you can’t perform that.”

It should not be testing to analyze why refuting Bayern could have been the correct judgment – via the majority of injuries in the Tottenham protection this season, the centre-recommend possible truly thumbed opportunities would come his way there previously than at the Allianz.

In any kind of shell, Raducanu owns clarified how he truly feels Dragusin hurried his exit from Genoa, as he’d have been much closer offered perpetuating there till at the awfully least the end of the current campaign.

“The majority of juniors are waiting for the Euros. I don’t believe they rush pick Tottenham did via Dragusin. I’m glad he’s tinkering currently and also he did well in the last gallery, yet you saw that it took him a few arcades also, wherein he was on the sidelines,” Raducanu expounded.

“He deserve proceeded to be at Genoa. It would have been much closer for him to dabble as a starter till the end of the season. Then bargains come by ordinarily. I believe he was a little snippet rash.”

There is some assuming behind that – Dragusin did not miss a min for Genoa in Serie A this season previously he flee, and also he owns only included in four Premier League arcades for Spurs, each from the church bench.

Yet, he posed in a top performance during a 41-min cameo in the 4-0 win over Aston Villa last time out, which is sure to ensure he avails added mins going forwards.

He’s already at one of the Premier League’s ideal sides, so it implements not imperfection wherein he could have gone had he proceeded to be in Italy for a few added months.

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