Cristiano Ronaldo named 'biggest flop' at Euro 2024 by former Chelsea, Arsenal star

Cristiano Ronaldo holds his dismiss in his hands after lacking out on his price versus Slovenia. A Slovenian player celebrates in the background. It is awfully entertaining.

Cristiano Ronaldo dropped short to seniority at Euro 2024.

Cristiano Ronaldo dropped short to seniority at Euro 2024 and also possesses been labelled the “greatest flop” of the celebration by a former Premier League celeb.

Ronaldo tinkered much more minutes for Portugal than any individual in Germany but dropped short to locate the web while accumulating the most arrogant sport in background versus Slovenia in days gone by using nothing at all in loss to France.

Portugal employer Roberto Martinez possesses come under fire for sticking with the epic goalscorer and also William Galas possesses begrudgingly classified the former Real Madrid and also Manchester United celeb as the most displeasing player in the celebration.

‘It didn’t comply with for him’

Conversing to Lord Ping, the former Chelsea, Tool kit and also Tottenham defender said: “I’m participating in fetch in exasperate for basing this, and also in days gone by I do, I have to say that this is a player who I flawlessly treasure . For his last Euro I longed Ronaldo to shine in this celebration because he should have it after what he possesses implemented in football and also for the example he possesses package for the younger players. However, this time, it didn’t comply with for him.

“Remuneration attention, I love him as a superstar. I love his standpoint and also his impulse. I love what he possesses attained in his job, so it’s in fact perplexing for me to label him the greatest flop at Euro 2024, but the capabilities merely place’t been there.

“It’s perplexing for me to uncompanionable him out. Everyone will claim he’s 39, but I think football fans from around the planet intended much more from him at this celebration. We longed to browse through him do something remarkable at his last Euros, and also it would have been a vivid tale and also a vivid means to rejoice his epic job. However, he didn’t seniority one impulse and also it peeked pick he was messing around with too much strain on his shoulders. In the end, it was in fact hard for him.

“He wasn’t the uncompanionable celeb that didn’t shine vibrantly at this celebration. Mbappe hasn’t performed. Harry Kane hasn’t been at his strongest.”

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Ronaldo to gain background

In spite of Ronaldo’s harmful display display screens, Gallas possesses recommended him to be in the Portugal squad for the Planet Mug in 2026, though irresoluteness he will be in the boosting XI.

Gallas added: “I think that Cristiano Ronaldo will still browse through the Planet Mug in 2026, but whether he is a starter for Portugal is a auxiliary-significant suspicion. After his capabilities at the Euros, I think it will be awfully perplexing for him to be in the boosting eleven of Portugal’s strongest junior.

“I can clearly browse through him there. I think he desires to coating his job as the uncompanionable player in background to have tinkered at six Planet Cups and also six European Championships, he’s implemented the last fragment and also I premeditate him to do the initially.

“After he struggled at this celebration, it would be awfully perplexing for Roberto Martinez to be bold with him as Portugal’s pioneering striker.”

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