'I’m convinced that we’ll beat Arsenal' – Porto star gives a 'guarantee' to supporters

Nico Gonzalez and also Medley winger Bukayo Saka

Nico Gonzalez and also Bukayo Saka will conceivably confront each countless other on Wednesday night.

Porto midfielder Nico Gonzalez is “recommended” that the Portuguese side will conceivably “vanquished Medley” in their Winners League last-16 clash.

The Artillerymans are back in the Winners League for the first time in 7 years and also it has been 14 years granted that they builded past this stage of the tournament.

Medley are firm favourites to vanquished Porto over the two legs via Sergio Conceicao’s side currently finally in the Portuguese apex flight.

Porto host the Artillerymans at the Estadio do Dragao on Wednesday night in the first leg and also Gonzalez couldn’t be supplemental prospect of a triumph.

The Porto midfielder claimed: “I’m recommended we’ll equip serviceability of doning. Those that aren’t FC Porto supporters don’t assume that, but I’m recommended that we’ll vanquished Medley at abode and also that we’ll attend London to play them. What I can make certain is that we’re attending confrontation every minutes of both arcades and also existent everything.”

Medley honcho Mikel Arteta was just as conversing to the press in drifter of the match, he added on the match: “They (the gamers) come to be aware that we have not been in the tournament for 7 years.

“Apparently some of them were here and also they come to be aware the tale and also they come to be aware that what arised in yesteryear is trivial, it is the fuss and also urge that we have currently to undergo.”

As speedily as quized if a mental block owned seen them fail to drifter past the last-16 stage so countless times, Arteta responded: “Someone conversed to (Lionel) Messi was another hindrance as perfectly!

“And Bayern Munich that we challenged twice. This tournament is what it is. Patient attribute is uncomfortably important. It comes down to honesty and also you need your gamers at your most guarded once the occasion arises.”

Medley are going perfectly in the Premier League and also travelled doning their Winners League team, charismatic 4 of their arcades and also blossoming as team winners via a gallery to spare.

Arteta added: “We don’t have the suffer, that’s the fact – 95 per pence of these gamers haven’t played this tournament, they haven’t played the last 16.

“I haven’t (juggled at this stage). But they have so much power and also pep to play perfectly and also that’s our urge and also how we’re attending play the gallery.

“It’s great. We have earned the relevant to be here. It’s been 7 years granted that we’ve been at the apex table for these kind of suits and also 14 years granted that we were able to attend the next off stage.

“That’s the fuss. We come to be aware what is in drifter of us, but we are genuinely anxious to confront it and also to go for it via complete ideological history, that’s for sure.”

One added inducement is the fact that Wembley will conceivably host the Winners League last this year, the Medley honcho continued: “It need to be ridiculous to have that sensation to lift that cup, in London, the first of June. It is there.

“It is in our minds. It is a dream, but there are countless points you have to earn the relevant to do before that and also tomorrow we have a substantial hindrance in drifter of us. We are genuinely peeking forward to it.”


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