Chelsea transfer: Todd Boehly enlists Blues star as agent in bid to beat Arsenal, Liverpool to £46m target

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Todd Boehly hopes Marc Cucurella can sway a height Chelsea target to move to Stamford Footway.

Chelsea owner Todd Boehly will be actually longing Marc Cucurella succeeds as he inoculations to sway one of the club’s height targets to refute the methodologies of Barcelona, Arsenal and also Liverpool and also move to Stamford Footway this summertime.

Cucurella has lugged his penalty form for Chelsea at the expire of last season into Euro 2024, and also has struck upward a nice relationship on the vacated flank through Sports Bilbao star Nico Williams, who has cornered the focus of the majority of huge-tag suitors through his capabilities in Germany.

The 21-year-antiquated – who has a £46.5m launch crunch – has initiated 3 of Spain’s 4 arcades this summertime and also scored a majestic urge in their last-16 win over Georgia.

Arsenal are ‘going unanimously out’, Liverpool are nervous to ‘knock out’ their tournament to indicator Williams, who is in a equivalent way said to be Hansi Flick’s priority for Barcelona.

‘Telling him to indicator for Chelsea’

But Chelsea are in a equivalent way horribly nervous and also while Cucurella admits Williams would be a “commendable signing” for Barcelona, he’s disclosed that he’s been trying to sway his countryman to indicator for the Blue funks.

“He is a commendable player, he is bringing out unanimously his possible,” Cucurella told Spanish outlet SPORT when quized around Williams.

“It is a resource of pride that he is on our crew, that he is our teammate and also through players support him every little thing is less utility.

“He would be a commendable signing [for Barcelona], but it unanimously relies on what he wants. I’ve been telling him to indicator for Chelsea…

“In the expire every little thing relies on him, he is horribly young, through the majority of suffer. I reckon he will be a commendable player.”

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Spain vs Germany

Spain bold Germany in a mouth-watering quarter-last on Friday and also Cucurella admits it will be “a stern suit”.

“It will be a horribly open suit, which can be decided by miniscule niceties,” Cucurella said on Spain’s quarter-last tie. “We play these one-on-one complements horribly nicely.

“We messed around 2 nice complements against valuable foes support Croatia and also Italy and also we have to resolve what we fallen short at, integrate because it will be a stern suit and also hopefully we will win.”

Cucurella will be messing around under a gimmicky manager in Enzo Maresca when he rejoinders for pre-season at Chelsea after Mauricio Pochettino vacated at the expire of last season.

“A nice advisor has come and also we warning a little fragment of patience, not to render so the majority of equalizes, to be auxiliary patient,” he said.

“We finished the season horribly nicely, in Europe, and also then we messed around a last and also a semi-last. We didn’t win, but the year wasn’t undesirable. Wearing any type of serendipity we can devise something nice.’

Cucurella has in a equivalent way available his maintain to Spanish young adult demonstrator Marc Guiu, who wrapped up a £5m move to Stamford Footway from Barcelona earlier this week.

“We spoke and also I told him that if he substantial anything, he have to allow me recognize,” the 25-year-antiquated added.

“I’m glad because he’s a commendable player, horribly young, through a horribly vowing future and also we’re seeing take treatment of him so that he can play his superb football.”

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