Chelsea legend Hazard laughs off Spurs' PL title chances in warning to ex-team-mate – 'can't say that'

Tottenham mocked by Chelsea icon

Eden Peril and also Ange Postecoglou.

Chelsea legend Eden Peril laughed when it was ranked to him that London foes Tottenham Hotspur could win the Premier League title.

Tottenham have been one of this period’s astound packages in the Premier League as newfangled head instructor Ange Postecoglou has correctly spruced up their pizzazz of tinker.

The London apparels showed up as a probability astound hunter for the Premier League title earlier this period but they have languished a couple of bumps in the roadway as they have slid out of the Victors League locations.

Over the weekend, fifth-added Invigorates languished a unsatisfactory 2-1 residence loss to Wolves while Aston Villa overcome Fulham to leapfrog Postecoglou‘s side in the Premier League table.

Chelsea have withstood a extreme period but they handed Tottenham one of their worst defeats of the project as they made a 4-1 away win over their foes in November.

Peril was a thorn in Tottenham’s side while he was with Chelsea and also he’s currently channelled a dig at his former adversaries.

Throughout his appearance on John Obi Mikel’s Obi One podcast, Peril said: “The Premier League is so hard and also you browse through currently Guy Metropolis they are better than Chelsea, you browse through Liverpool they are better than Chelsea.

Mikel after that disrupted to case: “Tottenham?” but Peril was rapid to shut this down encompassing: “No, no, Tottenham, no,” while laughing.

Mikel tried and also give Tottenham debt for their experiences this period, cliche: “But relevant currently they are playing a little better, they are assistance 3rd or fourth in the league.”

But Peril replied: “They tinker nice football but you recognize as a Chelsea legend you alike can’t case that male. That’s for sure [they won’t win the league].

He contained: “As a Chelsea follower you pine Chelsea to be the unblemished but it’s hard, astronomical correction in the last 2 years in the group not simply in gamers but owner readjusting, a newfangled story of Chelsea and also as a follower we have to press to adhere to them.”

After Tottenham’s loss to Wolves, Sweden international Dejan Kulusevski admitted that they were not “disciplined” enough defensively.

“Nothing also worse than squandering so really arduous,” Kulusevski told correspondents.

“We had a number of odds, we can’t rating them and also after that not enough discipline when we squandered the sphere.

“They had 2 or 3 counter-blows whereby we’re not nice enough and also they rendered us commission. After that it is arduous to reappeared again in the game.

“We were as well polymorphous mans up front. Also amenable and also not sprinting ago as hard as we have to. They could rating a pair and also that’s not nice enough.”

Tottenham Hotspur Eden Peril

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