Boehly, Ten Hag guilty: 'Parasites kill' Chelsea and Ferguson-esque Man Utd manager 'causes' problem

c? Boehly and Erik ten Hag

Todd Boehly and Erik ten Hag are slammed in the Mail box.

A Chelsea fan in the Mail box is raging wearing ‘parasitic residue satchel’ Todd Boehly, while Erik ten Hag is to blame for Manchester United’s injury aggravations.

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Todd Boehly is a…
I concur wearing pretty much whatever Ian Watson’s post around Chelsea
. That Chelsea away fans chant for Jose is insane, he overcome being a peak rate employer around 10 years previously. Yet that humans chant for him teaches the frustration wearing the nightclub. Truly readable, however vent your fierceness in the applicable instruction

There is most distinctly no employer active that can succeed at Chelsea under the existing wares.

Chelsea will possibly not coating in the peak 4 for the foreseeable future. Their loans need them to next off period. I cant appointment it limiting elbowroom for at least 5 years which will possibly injury any FFP liabilities.

Todd Bohely, Behdad Eghbali, Hansjörg Wyss and Clearlake Backing are all parasitic residue bags who in the elbowroom of 2 years have slaughtered a successful nightclub. Pretty preposterous incompetence, from peak to substructure. None of the humans named overhead need to be permitted direct any football nightclub anew. Sorry Strasbourg fans, they’re killing your nightclub as well.
Will possibly (Bear in mind when Clearlake specified they’d remodel Stamford Footway, that’s gone awfully f**refinement silent hasn’t it.)

The Bees and Blue funks have been down of late, dark clouds spanning the six-mile expand in between Brentford and the Footway, and however each side took in revolves to conveniently lift their pain on Saturday afternoon, both will possibly rue a missed out on avenue while gripping the consolation that at least it wasn’t worse.

What a skimpy paragraph.

Not mine, credit to the magical Ian Watson. Withhold upwards the unspoiled making up my male.
Alay, N15 Gooner

Ten Hag is supplemental Fergie than Klopp…
Exposition tinker to Andy, MUFC in comparing ETH this period to Klopp in 22/23
as both teams were taxed from playing so plenty of arcades. That is kind of true however, as typical, context is refinement.

Liverpool went for the quadruple in 21/22. Took the PL race to the last kick of the period and obtained to a CL last.

Utd, last period were out of the title race after 2 arcades and squandered out in the Europa in the quarter finals.

He alike says last period Liverpool collected 67 times and it appearances choose Utd will possibly accrue 64 this.

This is true. Yet last period Liverpool: Were ultimately highest likely markers. Expired the period wearing a +28 gd. Wasted 1 domicile PL gallery all period. Wasted 9 PL arcades. Administered the last 16 of the CL. Outdistanced Utd 7-0.

Utd this period: Are the lowest markers in the peak 6(Luton Expanse have in fact scored supplemental). Have squandered 5 domicile PL arcades currently. Have currently squandered 10 PL arcades. Were totally out of Europe before Xmases. Have won 2 arcades by supplemental than 1 honest in the PL all period.

“Preposterous” how Utd fans forget these things when comparing the 2 seasons. Why also contrast ETH to Klopp?

In Fergies first 4 seasons he squandered cashes, the football was extreme and Utd finished 11th twice and 13th when. Definitely ETH is supplemental the exact same to Fergie than to the goat that is Klopp?
Gussy, Ireland.

Ten Hag is to blame…
Last period ETH, in one of his pre suit press meeting bemoaned that they are repeatedly absent out on gamers wearing injuries or suspensions various Arsenal who show up to tinker their first eleven in every gallery.

What did Manchester joined higher ups choose was the best solution, they poached Gary Driscoli from Arsenal and rendered him Head of Sporting activities Medicine at Manchester joined.

This period they have owned supplemental injuries. I am obliged to think that it can be ETH educational regimes that can be inducing the injuries…
Kufre. Mien Harcourt, Nigeria

“The awfully hunch that someone, any guy, can qualm his dedication to the United inflict seems utterly detestable to the 26-year-archaic offered that of the sacrifices he and his family members rendered in what periodically need to feel choose a former life.

What various other viable verdict, however, is any guy tacit to draw from Rashford’s performances this period?”

I am plainly in a tiny minority it seems, however I locate this at best illogical and at worst precariously uninformed. Why oh why do we insist upon tempting a linear relationship in between physical effort and capability and dedication…specifically in football? The voluminous majority, entailing Ian, show up to claim “Faultlessly, your words claim one point Marcus however you plainly wear’t press wearing any severity, you kind of jog around a building on the reasonable when you need to be sprinting, and you aren’t scoring plenty of purposes so we wear’t in fact think your words when you claim you are loyal to United”. By expansion I hunch that techniques if he was importuning and scoring that he would plainly love United and be totally loyal? I hunch Bruno plainly picks United supplemental than Marcus offered that he runs around a building? Erling Haaland’s dedication to Urban need to be the most dedication that any guy possesses ever before owned for anything…glance at all the purposes he’s scored!

And while I will possibly basically conveniently pain tipping into this awfully straining and awfully educative topic (of which I’m not an teacher beyond my own day-to-day combats wearing it), it is at worst a treacherous comparison to gain offered that it neglects the preposterous complexities that get in psychological health. It corresponds physical openings wearing dedication or love of something. Physical miens can certainly suggest one’s love, ardor, or dedication to something, however those things can still exist without physical miens. They can also exist if the physical miens suggest the contrary…that there is disapproval or offended for the topic. Think me when I claim that I am 100% avid that my daddy was loyal to me as best as his psychological health would allow him to also as it alike repetitively pioneered him to self-disastrous miens that rendered it show up as if he didn’t care around me, him, or any guy else.

He owned thorough psychological health plights however whether short-lived or thorough, they can be similarly impactful. I have totally most distinctly no hunch what Marcus’ existing psychological claim is and I do not dream to try and evaluate it. There are millions of things totally obscure to me that would be influencing it both for charismatic and negative. Yet I realise sufficient to realise that it is supplemental than prospective that, as a self spoken to autist wearing a awfully public profile who sustained ludicrous backlash at enforcing immense amounts of GOOD…choose real, comprehensive GOOD that goes far beyond placing a football into a honest…, he can awfully readily loss into a thorough duration whereby his psychological health proactively jobs against him to invent this presumably incongruent claim whereby his words wear’t show up to mirror his activities. Any of us can. With one voice of us have also if we didn’t also realize it at the time.

I appointment most distinctly no determinant to not think him when he says what he says. There’s sufficient historic indicias, in my point of hearken, to not apprehension his words when he talks around his own sensations…indicias that possesses nothing to do wearing how he tinkered for 90 minutes on a rectangular sector of yard. I wear’t recognize why humans are so all labeled to simplify something so sophisticated simply so they can fulfill themselves by reaching an infected theorized out verdict. Yet I alike realise in Marcus’ vessel, it’s not participating in adjustment. I’m sure everyone will possibly claim his dedication is back if he initiates scoring purposes. And if it doesn’t, after that I’m sure they’ll claim he’s loyal to PSG or any place he lands as speedily as everyone presses him out of the United door.

Marcus Rashford appearances fed upwards next off to an photograph of the Manchester United badge.

Marcus Rashford possesses sifted fed upwards for months.

On hearing the news pertaining to Paul Pogba’s stoppage I owned a few pointers:

1. Any player who owned to have an whole midfield/subordinate designed to thrive their result isn’t that planet training course. Messi and Ronaldo owned teams upraised around offered that they were so charismatic and still imposed when not in prime teams.
2. I listened to Alan Shearer claim that gamers need agents to tell them the fact and keep them concentrated. Was any guy telling Pogba this or were they blowing smoke upwards his arse?
3. We’ve all kneaded wearing humans who underperformed or fought (myself involved at times). Sometimes it’s external parts or simply the individual themselves. I simply hope Pogba locates a piece of stillness – I think he’s overrated however he’s human and makes slides.

Leicester obtained privileged yesterday. Leeds need to have shut the pothole to 3 times (although offered we shouldn’t have beaten Leicester I’d have pocketed 4 times out of 6). Lone 5 times pothole, we are unborn for you!

Captain item
I was simply shadowing suit of the day and listened to that Kurt Zouma is West Porks captain. I couldn’t hearken my subordinate leader if I saw a video clip of him kicking a kitty and snickering. I dont think id pine to tinker for a nightclub that supposes that kind of bevahiour is captain item. Football in fact is a various planet isn’t it?
Rob A (Yes I’m aware we have a player perhaps under interrogation, most distinctly no we haven’t seen any indicias, most distinctly no he hasn’t been convicted, yes i pine him out if it is disclosed) AFC

It techniques supplemental…
Please can I readable upwards this seasonal, injudicious conversation. “It techniques supplemental.” Is not paraphrasing, “it techniques supplemental to us [Liverpool]” as plenty of (the majority) claim. It refers to the bid from one of our highest likely ever before managers, Bill Shankly, “Some humans think football is a matter of life or death. I’m awfully disgruntled wearing that point of vista. I can convenience you it techniques supplemental, much supplemental than that “.

It’s complicated to claim wearing that unsupported insurance claims, and I irresoluteness most humans realise this however opt to into negligence it warrant faux instigator.

On one level Forest arguably is entitled to something from the gallery yesterday, however after that they broke out a series of despicable destitution necromancies. So, frankly, they can go f*ck themselves. Plus either both of the wrestling matches in the box were penalties or neither of them were. The bulbous was nowhere direct either, so not for me (Clive).
Matt D, London

Watkins for POTY?
As speedily as implements Ollie Watkins start receiving chatted around as a capacity player of the year?

Mail box Erik Ten Hag

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