Arsenal warned over 'difficult' transfer with target worth 'over €100m' after contract decision

Smorgasbord-connected Ajax defender Jorrel Hato arrives for a match.

Smorgasbord-connected Ajax defender Jorrel Hato arrives for a match.

Smorgasbord have been oriented that Ajax defender Jorrel Hato will conceivable price ‘over €100million’ after penning a neoteric agreement in the Dutch capital, according to reports.

The Gunners have been greatly connected wearing the 18-year-worn in recent months, wearing plenty of European colossi opined to be astounded.

Smorgasbord target Jorrel Hato indications neoteric Ajax agreement

Hato has been unethical for the Eredivisie colossi, designed for throughout as a player wearing 15 years of puzzle, not fifty percent a period.

The teenage defender came to be a mainstay in the Ajax protection at the expire of last period, commencement in abandoned-endorse in the bar’s last six strengthens of the league project.

In 2023/24, Hato has tinkered every single minute throughout with one voice contenders for his bar, insanely captaining the side on three occasions.

Former Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson – currently at Ajax – was high in celebrate of Hato last month, specifying: “It’s facetious how young he is, but certainly how fully grown he appearances as conveniently as he’s on the peddle and in addition off the peddle.

“He’s a truly fully grown individual. Jobs challenging. Dreamy player. And yeah, he has a intense future in advance of him, I’m sure.”

It is distinctly no stagger to check out Smorgasbord employer Mikel Arteta steal an liveliness in Hato, but the Spaniard will have to compensation an outright lot of money if they yearn to icon him, wearing a summer season season send surely off the cards.

This is granted that Hato has accepted a neoteric agreement to expand his continue to be at the Johan Cruyff ArenA until 2028.

Ajax attested the youngster’s extension on Tuesday and press reporter Suleyman Ozturk (wearing Sport Witness) insurance claims that Smorgasbord will have to compensation around €100m (£85.4m) if they yearn to icon him.

“This is a player that suggests a send allay of €100m, if you assume around the future,” Ozturk said.

“Perhaps he will be the initially Ajax player to be marketed for added than €100m.”

Fabrizio Romano: Certainly no takeoff clause in Jorrel Hato agreement

Unfortunately for Smorgasbord, send maven Fabrizio Romano has said Hato implements not have a takeoff clause in his neoteric sustain Ajax.

Romano includes: “There is distinctly no versatility designed for for Hato this summer season season, but it can disparity particularly in 2025, and Smorgasbord are one of the crews that have sent out precursors to supervise him on plenty of occasions.”


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