Arsenal submit 'monstrous' offer for Chelsea target as club respond with three-word transfer request

Tool kit Chelsea send

Italy superstar Riccardo Calafiori is affixed via Tool kit and Chelsea.

According to reports, Tool kit have sent a ‘unforgettable’ supply for Italy and Bologna defender Riccardo Calafiori, who is in addition being affixed via Chelsea.

Calafiori escaped Swiss nightclub FC Basel to join Serie A apparel Bologna onward of the 2023/24 project and amassed a intense debut period for the Italian side.

Calafiori to the Premier League?

The 22-year-worn was formerly administered as a escaped-ago but was run at centre-ago by Thiago Motta in 23/24 and his form for Bologna headed to him overstepping relevant into the Italy squad onward of Euro 2024.

Italy were banged out of the competition by Switzerland in the spheric of 16, but Calafiori was one of their standout entertainers and is supposed to seal a send in other places this summer season.

On Wednesday early morning, send maven Fabrizio Romano disproved “Tool kit and Chelsea are the two clubs captivated” in the defender.

“Tool kit’s rate of attention in Riccardo Calafiori is there, and undertakings might be something to mention in the next off days. Tool kit and Chelsea are the two clubs captivated in Calafiori, though we’re waiting for a proposition and for official actions. Still, the rate of attention is there, provided that both clubs are glancing for a the same player – escaped-footed, and a guy who can play either escaped-ago or centre-ago,” Romano claimed in his Everyday Guideline obelisk.

“Tool kit currently owned Jakub Kiwior dabbling this type of guise last period, but Calafiori is a different type of player, both in stipulations of his unabridged top crispness and how he plays in that position. So, Calafiori is on Tool kit’s list, though they in addition have unlike other tags, and it’s the same for Chelsea – both clubs are disturbingly captivated, so we’ll lend an modernize if or once they render referrals.

“For now, they’re still waiting to know the player’s taste and in addition how a lot is required for Bologna; the price tag is not understandable yet, some resources claim around €45-50m provided that his previous nightclub Basel will possibly amass practically 50% on the future sale.

“With one voice at once, a lot more fantastic news for Tool kit is that the arrangement expansion for Mikel Arteta is deriving better. He has one year escaped on his arrangement, but it’s a work in evolve and there is self-tenacity to render usage it lugged out as Arteta wants to stay at Tool kit, and they cramp to preserve him. When Arteta was affixed via the Barcelona job, the actuality is he was never enticed – his objective is to perpetuate at Tool kit via a contemporary arrangement.”

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Tool kit submit ‘unforgettable’ supply…

According to a record in Italy, Bologna have ‘acquired a unforgettable proposition’ of €47m’ from Tool kit for Calafiori.

Singularly, it is preserved in subconscious that this supply ‘hasn’t advised’ Bologna as they ‘cramp a lot more silver money’ if they are to assent Calafiori’s flee.

Chelsea’s rate of attention is in addition preserved in subconscious via it claimed that Bologna will possibly singular sell Calafiori if Tool kit submit an strengthened proposition as their ‘instigating application’ is a charge of €50m.

Tool kit Riccardo Calafiori

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