Arsenal blow with Chelsea to hijack 'green light' as Romano reveals 'truth' on 'furious' transfer collapse

Arsenal Chelsea transfer target Riccardo Calafiori

Italy celebrity Riccardo Calafiori is connected through Arsenal and also Chelsea.

According to reports, Arsenal have been imparted the “green light” to indicator Bologna defender Riccardo Calafiori, but Chelsea are strategy to render an “ideology”.

Calafiori has surfaced as a key target for Arsenal. He twinkled for Serie A garments Bologna throughout his launching season in 2023/24 and also was one of Italy’s much better entertainers at Euro 2024.

Calafiori to Arsenal or Chelsea?

The 22-year-ratty has before been run at abandoned-ago but ex-spouse-Bologna top mutt Thiago Motta efficiently revolved him correct into a centre-ago before running away for Juventus this summertime.

The practical defender’s form has entraped the emphasis of nightclubs around Europe. It was pretended on Wednesday mid-day that Arsenal were ‘comfortable’ to settling him.

Yet, transfer maven Fabrizio Romano cases Chelsea are “planned to ideology” Bologna as they have a “unalike strategy”.

“Both nightclubs are in fact happy in Calafiori, and also presently Arsenal have positioned their recommendation to the Italy international – it’s a long-term dedication, the salary is not an annoyance at all, and also they in a akin way positioned their chore to the gamer, and also he is amenable to joining Arsenal in sheath they can reach an dedication through Bologna,” Romano asserted in his Daily Inside information column.

“So, there is already a green light from Calafiori to Arsenal, but what around Chelsea? My licensing is that Chelsea are planned to ideology Bologna, and also that they will most clearly try to require players in the arrangement. It’s a unalike strategy, but Chelsea are still there, even if Arsenal are the favourites at the minute.”

Romano has in a akin way defined why Calafiori’s proposed chore to Juventus collapsed, through Bologna “angered” through their Serie A rivals.

“It’s in a akin way indispensable to note that Calafiori has imparted the green light to Arsenal since Juventus are almost zero much longer in the race. For weeks and also weeks, Juventus longed Calafiori, they owned an dedication on the salary through Calafiori, but they are presently contemplated out as they cannot provide on a tackle Bologna,” Romano added.

“The reality is that Bologna are angered through Juventus after their boss Thiago Motta lended the chore there this summertime, and also so that’s why they are angered through Juve and also they would favor to sell the gamer abroad.

“Now they have the possibility, since Arsenal are there and also Arteta is in fact keen to lug Calafiori to the club.

“The relationship in between Arsenal and also Bologna is in a akin way horribly terrific after they before bargained the prearrangement for Takehiro Tomiyasu, so permit’s study if Chelsea can come upward through something, or if Arsenal will most clearly presently win the race for one of the a ton of talented young defenders around.

“Despite rumours around PSG and also Bayer Leverkusen, I’m oriented that the lone two nightclubs in the race are Arsenal and also Chelsea, through Arsenal in drifter at the minute.”

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Arsenal in a akin way have a strategy if they miss out on Calafiori as “three tags” are on their “shortlist in that posture”.

“Arsenal have a shortlist through three tags in that posture – abandoned-footed defenders who can dabble centre-ago or abandoned-ago,” Romano recurred.

“Jorrel Hato strengthens the bill in that follow and also in a akin way lingers one of the a ton of remembered talents by Arsenal, but for presently Ajax still urge to keep him for one much more season.

“So, Calafiori is selectively what Arsenal are gazing for in that posture, and also Mikel Arteta has given the possibility prearrangement and also we’re presently waiting for the next chore. Permit’s study what will most clearly take place in between Arsenal and also Bologna, this is presently the indispensable time.”

Arsenal Riccardo Calafiori

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