Alonso to Liverpool? 'Relaxed' director 'planning for next season' with Leverkusen boss 'in charge'

Liverpool target Xabi Alonso during a press conference.

Xabi Alonso during a press conference.

Bayer Leverkusen director Fernando Carro states he trust funds Bayern Munich and also Liverpool-attached head adviser Xabi Alonso will conceivably snub focus from his 2 previous bars.

Liverpool and also Bayern are both peeking for a vibrant employer after Jurgen Klopp and also Thomas Tuchel’s matching judgments to examine down from their tasks at the end of the season.

Leverkusen ‘trust funds’ Alonso to refute Liverpool, Bayern

Alonso’s side reoccured their unbeaten dashed in 2023/24 with a 3-2 triumph at Freiburg, assuring they proceeded to be ten points translucent of Bundesliga title adversaries Bayern.

As nicely as being the solid favourites to win the league, Leverkusen are in the last 8 of the Europa League and also the semi-finals of the DfB Pokal, which they are also supposed to win as the lone optimal-flight side vacated in the rivals.

In reality, they might discredit third-tier clothing FC Saarbrucken – who discredit FC Kaiserslautern in the semis – in the final.

It is not lone the end upshots that have obtained Alonso so boatloads of kudos but the football his players are placing on sport, which is unsurprisingly bring in the focus of Bayern and also Liverpool.

However, staying at Leverkusen – who will conceivably be ago in the Champions League next term – is not out of the equation.

And also the club’s director, Carro, is committed Alonso will conceivably revolve down Leverkusen’s Bundesliga adversaries and also the Reds to continue to be plunked.

“He owns a covenant upwards until 2026 and also there is zero determinant to suspicion that he will conceivably continue to be here,” he asserted.

“In football you never thieve what will conceivably occur. However I have plenty of trust, we have a really persistent relationship.

“I’m really tranquil, like [sporting director] Simon Rolfes. We have been planning the squad for next season for a long time – with Xabi Alonso.

“We have a list of advisers that is always builded, we have to be designed in capsule things revolve out in different ways than we assume. However I don’t assume it will conceivably occur like that.

“It’s a stroke of persistent luck that we have him. That’s why I hope he stays with us for a long time because he’s truly a optimal adviser.”

Bayern shy on Xabi Alonso associations

Bayern are really keen on replacing Tuchel with Alonso and also their showing off director Fullest Eberl owns comfortably available an simplify on the Bavarian club’s scour for a vibrant honcho.

“I place’t chatted with any kind of adviser and also place’t received any kind of authorization or denial,” he asserted.

“[Alonso] tinkered for FC Bayern. However I don’t want to quick headlines: ‘Xabi suits with Bayern!’ – I’m speaking around him licensing this club.

“He’s under covenant at Bayer Leverkusen, can win the residential twin there and also the Europa League as nicely. However to retort to the misgiving: there are advisers who suit with FC Bayern, of program.

“How unknowledgeable would conceivably I be to reference a desired prospect now and also after that we end upwards not bring him? Perhaps in the end our ideal judgment would conceivably be to hire a adviser who hasn’t been attached.

“Then individuals will conceivably arguably identify: ‘Bayern didn’t juggle to make utilise Xabi Alonso’ – but perhaps that was specially our cognizant judgment.”

Liverpool Xabi Alonso

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